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Just Breathe

Just Breathe

My mother had to recently talk me off the mom ledge. I had an incident with my six-month-old foster daughter where she was vomiting nonstop. She hadn’t held down fluids in approximately five hours, her diapers were nearly dry, and I was beginning to enter panic mode. The problem arose when I couldn’t find an after-hours number for her pediatrician. At my wit’s end, I found myself searching Google while on the phone with my mother.

Between nearly hysterical explanations, my mother simply said, “Angela, just breathe.” I needed that gentle reminder as my mind was reeling and I couldn’t see through the tears that flooded my eyes.

I needed that gentle reminder that God still held me in His hands and I simply needed to breathe.

It’s so easy to get overwhelmed with life. It’s easy to lose sight of the ultimate path-maker and forget to breathe. If it’s easy for us as well-adjusted adults, how easy do you think it is for our children?

Our current society and busy lives make it overwhelmingly easy to forget. As parents, we have to remind our children to breathe and believe—and we need to remind them often.

Just as my mother had to talk me off the ledge, we especially need to do that for our vulnerable children. We need to equip them with the strategies to combat their anxieties and the Scripture to tackle their worries.

Teach your children to breathe in using the “smell the flower, blow the candles” technique. Encourage them to take a deep breath in through their nose and smell the flowers, hold it for four seconds, and then breathe out of their mouth and blow the candles for four seconds. This is a seemingly silly technique, but it brings a sense of calm. Let your children witness you using this technique when life is overwhelming.

By utilizing the breathing technique, we level ourselves and are more likely to think clearly. Once thinking clearly, we can focus on God’s Word, to see us through our difficulty. When we allow life to overwhelm us, we’re more likely to forget that we carry with us a valuable tool of success.

When life overwhelms our children, they’re more likely to forget that they also carry a valuable tool of success with them.

Let’s teach our children John 16:33 – “In this world you will have trouble. But be encouraged! I have won the battle over the world.”

Let’s teach our children to cling to the truth that God has already won the battle. They will have troubles and there will be disappointments, but there is light after because God has won.

Let’s teach our children to breathe and believe.

Sometimes life is messy and we lose sight of God, but the great news is that He never loses sight of us. Let’s show our children by example that God is bigger than any of their problems. He has already won the battle of the world and He loves them beyond measure.

By: Angela Jamison is a foster and adoptive mother to five children. Her four oldest were all born within two years of each other so she spends much of her day in chaos and often needs reminders to breathe. Angela loves connecting with other parents and encouraging them on their journey of parenthood. To learn more about Angela, visit her blog at, Twitter @AngJamison04, Instagram @AngJam731 or on Facebook @barrenbutblessed.

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  1. I love John 16:33. I recently talked to someone who doesn’t have God like we do. This person is going through a very difficult time, and it’s no wonder. What do you do if you’re lost, feel helpless/hopeless, and can’t pray or get your church family to pray…and you can’t go to God?

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