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Is There Room for Jesus?

Is There Room for Jesus?

Materials Needed: Calendar

Scripture Reference: Revelation 3:20

Christmas is over and 2016 has ended. The new year has arrived—and that made me think about some things.

Through the Christmas festivities we often think about symbols that can be associated with the birth of Christ. We remember a baby born of a virgin who is the promised Messiah, the angels proclaiming “Glory to God” as they sing, the shepherds and how they made haste to see the new born king, and the wise men who had been studying and looking toward the birth of a king.

We think of a stable and manger with animals and the star. Jesus was born this way in the city of David, Bethlehem. This birth has been the most celebrated birth in history. This Christmas, the Holy Spirit spoke to my heart about something we may not really think about.

While Mary and Joseph were looking for a place to rest, they were denied because there was no room. The innkeeper couldn’t have known that the Lord of all glory would be born that night and that this birth would be celebrated throughout history, but was there really more room than they were willing to admit? Or ultimately, willing to share?

When I was a child, my family sang in a community choir. I remember singing a song about this subject. The lyrics told of a manger of hay and a baby that is a stranger. The song also told about the fullness of the hearts of mankind with pleasures and things that pass away. Humanity has denied God His rightful place in our heart and life.

Our hearts are full of all manner of things and we have room for the things for which we choose to make room. Yet, the God of Heaven is knocking on our heart’s door and He has a desire to have a relationship and fellowship with us, but we have to let Him inside.

So as I looked at my calendar from 2016 and transferred information into a new calendar, I noticed so many things about my living. I have important appointments, activities, and vacations blocked.

Some days, I made changes where needed. Every month was filled and it seemed something was required for every day. The sweet Holy Spirit asked me to look at my days and see if there was room for the King of Kings. Have I allowed time for my Savior? Is there room for prayer and Bible study? Is there room to have a relationship with the One who created me?

Because as a mom and wife, I know that if there isn’t room for Him to fill me up, there’s no way I can pour into the lives of my children and my husband in the way that I should.

We don’t have to write down every detail of our walk with Christ, but time invested with Jesus is imperative for survival as a child of God. We all arrange our schedules to meet our desires and expectations. I guess the real question is what are we willing to sacrifice or rearrange for the Lord?

How will we invest our time? It is a miracle that He would want to hang out with us, but He gave His life and then sent us the Comforter, so we could have fellowship with Him.

Moms and dads, will you make room for Him? Today? Tomorrow? This year? Do you have room in your heart for Jesus? Ultimately, the choice is yours. Choose wisely, because the future of your family is at stake.

Additional Scripture Reference: Psalm 51:10; Psalm 139:23; Jeremiah 29:13; Matthew 11:28;  John 3:30, 4:14, 5:39; Romans 12:1; 2 Timothy 2:15

By: Lydia Cox

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