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In Need of Some Help!

In Need of Some Help!

Materials Needed: crutches

Scripture Reference: 2 Corinthians 12:9, 10

Has anyone in your family ever been on crutches?

I have learned many lessons throughout my life, and, unfortunately, I often learn best from problematic situations. My most recent lesson came from one of those circumstances. I had to learn to use crutches.

In the past, I have watched others using crutches, and, I admit, I questioned if there was really a benefit with using them. In taking my first steps with the crutches, I really felt it was harder on me to try to use them than it would have been to just walk normally, even with the discomfort of my injury. But after figuring out how to do it and getting into a rhythm, I realized the use of crutches was beneficial.

The benefits are these: stability, pressure release, and crowd control.

My injury caused me to feel off balance and I had no confidence to walk, especially on uneven ground. The crutches provided stability and control that I needed to walk without the concern of falling.

Using the crutches also took the pressure off my injury so I could get around pain-free and without further injuring the damage that was already done. All of this learning-curve was taking place on family vacation in Disney World, and I realized, when I tried to do some walking without the crutches, I was bumped a lot and lost balance more.

The crutches acted somewhat as a shield and also caused other people to change their path so they would avoid bumping into me.

God used this experience to remind me that, spiritually, my weakness is His opportunity to demonstrate His great strength. As humans, we are crippled because of our sin and humanity, but Jesus is our strength. His strength is made perfect in weakness; therefore, when I am weak, then I am strong. (2 Cor. 12:9) For those of us who are Christians, we have Jesus for stability. As long as we are trusting Him, we will not fall. He gives us balance in our walk in an inconsistent world.

Having Jesus takes the pressure off of us if we allow it. Jesus promised in His word, if we would come to Him, He would bear our burdens and give us rest.

Jesus is the Word of God made flesh and He lives inside those who have trusted in Him. He acts as a sword and shield in offense and defense for His prize possession. He will protect when protection is needed and fight for us when fighting is necessary.

When we allow the light of Christ to shine through us, others take notice and change their walk. Many are saved and change their eternal pathway because of the faithfulness of God’s children. Sometimes the only Bible a person may read is our life.

So today, if you are accused of using Jesus as a crutch, simply thank God you are depending on Him rather than crutches of theworld such as money, fame, drugs, alcohol, immoral sex, etc.

Thank God others notice and pray they will realize they are injured as well and that Jesus is the only source of help. Embrace your weakness and allow God to demonstrate His power through you. We are all injured without Jesus and He is the only crutch that has the power to change us from the inside out.

Additional Scripture References: Psalm 37:24; Psalm 46:1,2; Psalm 55:22; Psalm 73:26; Nahum1:7; 2Corinthians 3:5; 1 Peter 5:7

Action Steps:

  1. Talk about being injured physically and how that can affect us. Then talk about how we can be injured spiritually and how that can impact our lives.
  2. Have your children walk on one foot while using the crutches (or if you don’t have crutches, find a place where they can walk on one foot while holding onto something).
  3. Ask them what would happen if they tried to walk on one foot without the crutches.
  4. Ask them how the crutches can help and protect them.
  5. Talk about how leaning on Jesus can help us when we’re emotions are injured or when we need assistance.

By: Lydia Cox

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