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Important Firsts

Important Firsts

January is the first month of the year, so let’s look at a few important firsts with a man named Philip.

  • He was among the first to serve others in a ministry. He served food to widows daily (Acts 6:1-8)
  • He was the first follower to preach outside of Jerusalem (Acts 8)
  • He was the first to share the gospel with a Gentile (Acts 8)
  • He was one of the first directed by the Holy Spirit
  • He was the first man in the New Testament to be transported to another place (from the desert to Azotus (Acts 8:39-40)

Read the story of Philip or retell it in your own words (or use the one below).

Discuss some firsts for this year to choose to serve others and share your faith.

Chat about the Holy Spirit and how you can be filled and empowered with the Spirit.

Retelling the Story

Make telling Philip’s story fun. Have children add sound effects as you retell the story [sounds in brackets]. Say the words or make those types of sound effects like jingling real coins for the clink and jingle sound).

The early church chose Philip to be a deacon. [Clap, clap.]

Philip and the others gave food to widows daily [Munch, munch.]

After that Philip’s life took off in new directions. Philip became a great preacher, amazing even his friend Simon with signs and miracles that took place wherever Philip went. [WOW! POW!]

One day a visitor, an angel, arrived out of nowhere to give Philip a message. [ZAP!]

The angel told Philip to change directions and walk south on a desert road. The angel didn’t tell Philip how far to walk or why. Philip obeyed. [Swirl, march, march.]

As Philip walked, he saw an important man, an Ethiopian. This man, an Ethiopian, was in charge of the Queen’s money! [Clink, clink, jingle.]

The Ethiopian man was sitting in a chariot. The Ethiopian sat reading when Philip heard the Holy Spirit tell him to go and join the chariot. Philip ran. [Crunch, crunch, pant, pant.]

Philip saw the Ethiopian’s book. It was a scroll of the Old Testament. Philip listened to the man read about someone led like a lamb to slaughter. [Baa, baa!]

Philip asked the Ethiopian if he understood the words. He replied, “Please, tell me. Philip jumped into the chariot. [Boom, plop.]

Philip told the man about Jesus. He probably explained about Jesus being nailed to the cross [bang, bang] and rising from the grave after the stone was rolled away [crunch, crunch.]

After listening, the Ethiopian noticed some water. He asked, Why shouldn’t I be baptized?” And that’s what they did. [Splish, splash.] Philip baptized the Ethiopian. Immediately after, the Spirit took Philip away. [Zap.]

The Ethiopian went on his way rejoicing! [Hallelujah! Clap, clap.]

By: Karen Whiting ( an author, speaker, and former television host.

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