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How’s Your Coloring?

How’s Your Coloring?

Materials needed:

You’ll need a full box of crayons all the same color with one crayon of a contrasting color.

Scripture Reference: 

Romans 12:2

In the last few weeks, I was in a group in which I felt terribly out of place. The people were nice, friendly and excellent workers for the task for which we were together. I just realized my thoughts and focus were totally opposite, even though we were approximately the same age and in the same stages of life.

After this experience, God really dealt with my heart about being His child living in this wicked and sinful world. I was reminded and comforted that He that is living in me is greater than he that is in the world. (1 John 4:4) Even though we are surrounded by sin and trouble, God has us here to do a specific job.

Through this, I thought about crayons. In a typical box of crayons there are many colors, but all crayons are manufactured for the same purpose…to color. Think of the box representing the world and the crayons representing the people in the world. Spiritually speaking, there are only two colors, saved and lost, believers and non-believers.

Sometimes, in certain situations, it feels as if we are the only “white” crayon in the box. The message God really had for me is that even if no one else around me has the same belief, there is a purpose for which I was created by God, and that is to show others about Jesus and His plan of salvation. God didn’t intend for His children to conform to the thoughts and actions of those living in darkness, but He expects believers to impact others with a contrasting color. It would be easy to try to blend in, but our mark on the world should be notably different, bringing attention to Jesus.

So, moms and dads, my question is this: How’s your coloring?

Action Steps:

  • Show your children the box of crayons. Ask them to pick out the crayon that is different than the others.
  • Talk about our lives as Christians and how we can be different from others. For example, how we can extend kindness when others are being unkind, or how we can refrain from partying with those who are taking illegal substances.
  • Talk about how the one crayon that is different sticks out in the box—and how we as Christians can stand out in the crowd and bring attention to God.
  • Talk about specific things you can do as a family to stand out for God.

By: Lydia Cox

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  2. Thank you this is a great lesson! I will use it in our Awana program.

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