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How to Unlock Your Child’s Dream

How to Unlock Your Child’s Dream

“I better go to bed now.” said four-year-old Greta. “I have a dream in my heart that I need to let out.”

So sweet. So profound.

What’s your child’s dream—not the nighttime type, but the seed God’s planted in his heart that eventually helps shape who he becomes?

As a little girl, I loved to read. In first grade, I won the award for reading more library books than my classmates. The same thing happened in second grade. An insightful teacher fueled my passion by giving me a year’s subscription to Highlights magazine. Today I’m an author.

When our son was three years old, he chattered about someday being “a car carrier driver.” Three decades later, he’s a software developer. But he still loves cars and is currently developing an invention to do with vehicles.

My youngest daughter was ten years old when she urged me to sponsor a child through World Vision. “Why aren’t we doing this?” she asked. “We should be helping a child who needs food and clothes and who needs to go to school.” She was a poster child for compassion in action. Today, at age 29, she’s an occupational therapist. She chose that career after caring for adults with special needs for four years.

God has hard-wired each of our children uniquely. By listening to the things they say and studying their behaviors and interests, we gain clues as to what they might become someday. How can we encourage their bent?

  • By reading books and online resources with them on topics pertaining to their interests.
  • By providing them with opportunities to explore those interests. A child who loves to draw or paint might thrive in an art class. One who shows a leaning toward sports might enjoy soccer, baseball, ballet, or gymnastics.
  • By following their lead. As well-meaning parents with our own dreams for our kids, it’s possible we override their cues when our desires and best intentions get in the way. Our job is not to force our children into the mold we prefer for them, but to study them and to encourage them to become who God intended them to be.

Most importantly, let’s ask God to help us see our children through His eyes. He knows the days He has planned for them. He knows the purpose for which He created them. Imagine—He’s given us the task of helping them see that purpose fulfilled. How exciting is that? We definitely need His help in that process, and He’s delighted when we invite His input.

By: Grace Fox is a popular international speaker, global worker, and the author of eight books including Tuck-Me-In Talks With Your Little Ones: Creating Happy Bedtime Memories She’s the mother of three married children and grandma to six precious kiddos. Visit to learn more about her books and resources. You can also subscribe to her newsletter and devotional blogs there.

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  1. What a wonderful article! Thank you for casting a vision, and for practical tips on living it out.

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