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Happy Trees!

Happy Trees!

My three children and I witnessed the change of season in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Over the course of one week, the green of summer faded into a menagerie of gold, orange, and red.

The view out our hotel window was mesmerizing. Each day it was exciting to see what new strokes of color God would brush over the forest.

Never before in my thirty-six years had I been so fortunate to observe such a drastic change in the mountains. I wanted my children to understand how truly unique this opportunity was.

Being from the flat farmland of Southwestern Ohio, we don’t get to experience the majesty of the seasonal transformation, at least not on this same level.

My wife and I shared how God has designed the trees to hibernate over the winter. They store water to survive through the cold harsh climate.

Sure it’s more complicated than that, but it made sense to them.

We discussed how difficult it was for a person to look at such beauty and not recognize that a Creator designed it all. Even my youngest, a three-year-old, understood.

The glory of God is constantly revealed in creation (Romans 1:20). It is a parent’s important responsibility to constantly and consistently draw attention to the wonders of God in the world around us. It’s how we mold our children’s view of the world, creation, and of the Creator.

Every moment provides a moldable opportunity for discovery, to initiate passion, and to wonder at the amazement of God.

How can you make a moldable moment for your child today?

By: Cyle Young

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