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God’s Word Stands Forever

God’s Word Stands Forever

Welcome to Smarts-n-crafts, where you’ll find smart activities to do with your children—no matter what age—and fun craft projects for rainy days or just for giggles. You’ll be provided with step-by-step instructions, a variety of use ideas, approximate time of activity, and an age-tested skill level. Let’s get started! We’ve got just 18 summers to create lots of memories with our children before they leave for college.

This month we’ll celebrate the first day of spring. Flowers are beginning to pop up, breezes are a tad warmer, and it’s lighter outside a little longer. So today we’ll celebrate by creating a project that reminds us of one important truth: No matter how sweet the smell of the newly blooming flower, they all fade in comparison to the beauty of God’s Word.

What you’ll need:

  • White cardstock or construction paper
  • Paper plate
  • Yellow paint (washable!)
  • Plastic fork for each child
  • Green marker or green construction paper
  • Child-friendly scissors
  • Glue
  • Bible

Skill level:

Little Helping Hands, ages 2-5: Smaller hands will enjoy pressing the plastic fork into the yellow paint and putting it on the paper in the shape of the flower.

I’d Rather Do It Myself, ages 6+: Older children will enjoy making their own flowers. They can also cut and glue the grass, stems, and leaves (or draw them once the flowers are dry). In addition, depending on their age, they can find the scripture verse and write it on the paper.


30 minutes


  • Pour out yellow paint onto the paper plate.
  • Press the fork into the paint and then onto the paper in shape of the flower (see picture).

  • Cut a 1” strip of green construction paper along the bottom. Fringe the top edge by cutting half way. Cut stems and leaves from green construction paper.
  • OR skip the previous step and instead, draw the stems and grass with a green crayon or washable marker.
  • Once the yellow paint has dried, use the green marker to draw a stem, leaves, and grass. OR glue the stems, leaves, and grass strip to the white paper.
  • Look up Isaiah 40:8 (ESV) and read it out loud. Write the verse on the page.

Dig Deeper:

  • Ask, “What’s your favorite flower? Why?” Follow up by asking if they know what happens to flowers as soon as they are cut. Share how as soon as flowers are cut they begin to slowly die. Ask, “What do we do with flowers that die?” (Throw them away!)
  • While your child is pressing the paint-filled fork onto the page, share how memorizing a Scripture verse is like that pressing feeling. Every time they learn a new verse they are pressing truth into their heart and mind that will never die because God’s truth will never die.
  • Hang the picture on your refrigerator and if your child is old enough, decide on a reward if he/she can memorize the verse within a week.

“The grass withers, the flower fades, but the word of our God will stand forever.” Isaiah 40:8 (ESV)

By: Cathy Baker @ Cultivating Creativity (

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