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God’s Little Lambs

God’s Little Lambs

I am the good shepherd; I know my sheep and my sheep know me— John 10:14

Little lambs are often born in spring and dot the hills where they live with jumping white balls of fluff. Jesus called us to be His sheep and promises to be our Good Shepherd. I grew up with sheep in the field near my home. They belonged to my grandpa and they ran to him when they heard his voice. A shepherd does a lot to care for the flock.

Shepherds watch and guard the sheep. They protect them from animals and poisonous plants that could harm them like wolves. Jesus watches us and wants to protect us from harm too.
The shepherd shears the sheep in the spring. Sheep do not shed the wool that thickens for winter protection from cold. If the wool is left on the sheep, they could overheat and die in the summer. The extra wool would also put the sheep at risk for disease and parasites. Jesus helps us shed what we don’t need that puts us at risk. It’s called forgiveness. Holding on to anger and hurt hardens our hearts.
The shepherd knows each sheep and little lamb and they know the shepherd. They recognize the shepherd’s voice. If you pray and follow Jesus, you will learn to recognize His voice. He will always hear you.
The shepherd grooms the sheep. Sticks and mud can get stuck in the wool and the shepherd removes those to keep the animal healthy. Jesus cares about every little detail and is ready to remove our little hurt.
Shepherds play with their sheep. They can run away and the sheep will chase the shepherd and surround him when he stops, making lots of bleating noises. Jesus loves us and is in our midst when we pray as a group.
The shepherd guides the sheep. They follow the shepherd to new pastures and safe places. Jesus wants us to follow Him. He will guide us.
Play sheep games
Use cotton balls as sheep. Toss cotton balls to hit a target to round them up into their folds (pens where they sleep).
Play follow the shepherd with one person being the shepherd and the others being the sheep.
Play guide the sheep. Blindfold a sheep. Use a pool noodle as a staff since it is soft. The shepherd can use his/her voice and staff (gently) to help guide the sheep around obstacles.
By: Karen Whiting (www.karenwhiting) loves to play and make crafts with children as well as share about Jesus. Her latest of 26 books is 52 Weekly Devotions for Families Called to Serve. It’s full of hands-on fun and Bible lessons to help develop servant hearts in children.


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