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Giggles and Grace

Giggles and Grace

Don’t you love how our kids know exactly what to say to embarrass us? Once my four-year-old told the dental hygienist I always forgot to brush her teeth. Then there was the time I was socializing after church with friends when my twelve-year-old son blurts out, “Mama, you have a big whitehead on your neck. (He points in case anyone has missed it.) Do you want me to get it for you?”

One day my daughter, Grace (the four-year-old), was sitting in chapel at her church preschool. The pastor was sharing a book with the three and four-year-old classes called, God from A to Z. As he read, he paused at each letter asking if the children could guess what it might be. “What do you think starts with the letter “A” that God created?” Boys and girls called out answers from all over the sanctuary, excited to participate in the reading.

As the pastor continued through the alphabet, the answers coming from the kids were fewer. By the time he reached “G,” the kids were pretty quiet. Finally, the pastor got to the letter “J.” He smiled and asked, “Who knows what God created that begins with the letter ‘J’? This one is really special.” He paused waiting for the kids to respond.

“Think hard. What very special thing did God create that begins with J?”

Silence again – and then a gasp, as my daughter Grace blurts out, “JELLO!!”

The pastor got a giggle. We do enjoy some jiggly desserts at our house, but evidently we need to discuss how Jesus trumps Jello.

Have your kids ever embarrassed you with something they’ve said? Share your funny stories with us! You may be featured here on the Just 18 Summers blog.

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