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Gardening Fun

Gardening Fun

It’s time for planting and fun with gardens. With less travel this summer, check out your yard or planters and consider growing healthy snacks.

  • Use poles to form a teepee frame and plant beans that grown on a vine Tie the poles together at the top. You’ll have a green tepee to crawl inside and hide while you snack.
  • Plant yummy snacks like cherry tomatoes, strawberries, and pea pods you can munch on as they ripen.
  • Add edible flowers like pansies and day lilies to the garden.
  • Add some weed barriers surrounding the base of plants with used newspapers. Replace the papers when they decompose.
  • Grow herbs like parsley, basil, and thyme. Try using them in foods you cook. Dry some too to save for the winter.
  • Read the parable of the sower in Luke 8:5-8 and chat about how one seed becomes a plant and produces much.

Quiz :Hope for Endangered Animals

Each of the animals listed here was once endangered. Not any- more! See if you can match each animal with the reason for its removal from the endangered-species


  1. Brown pelican
  2. Gray whale
  3. American alligator
  4. Grizzly bear
  5. American peregrine falcon
  6. Whooping crane
  7. Aleutian Canada goose
  8. California condor
  9. Idaho spring snail
  10. Pine Barrens tree frog

Reason for its removal from the endangered-species:

  1. Trade of animal hides was prohibited
  2. Scientists found a significant population of these animals
  3. Relearned migratory patterns by following ultralight aircraft
  4. The animal was found to be the same as another species that is common in other areas
  5. Decrease in use of endrin (a pesticide)
  6. Conservation of their habitat and outlawing their hunting
  7. Once they were bred in captivity the animal handlers wore costumes to help animals bond with their own kind. When successful, they were reintroduced to the wild.
  8. Hunting of these animals was prohibited
  9. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) outlawed use of DDT
  10. Foxes were removed from its habitat


By: Karen Whiting ( grew up in the country and loves growing herbs and berries. Her book about nature is Nature Girl and it’s full of activities, experiments, and more quizzes.

Join us at for our parenting blog each Monday-Friday and for info about the Just 18 Summers novel.

Answer Key:

1 . e; 2 . h; 3 . a; 4 . f; 5 . i; 6 . c;

7 . j; 8 . g; 9 . d; 10 . b

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