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Game Time

Game Time

Working at my desk, I have a good view of the pecan trees in the front yard. This morning four cardinals played together. They went from tree to tree chasing each other. Occasionally one pecked at the one closest to it. Another time, one flew to a different tree as if hiding and taunting the others to come find it. However, it wasn’t long before it rejoined the others.

I watched their little game and smiled. This could have easily been four children playing together. And, I think there were lessons for all of us in watching not only what they were doing but also how they played.

  1. Doing things with others is always fun. One bird could have just sat in a tree and then flown from one to the other. But adding friends made it more fun and added an element of play.
  2. A good game of chase can be played anywhere and doesn’t require special implements. Those little birds flitted from one tree to the next enjoying the advent of spring.
  3. One person/bird is usually the instigator. All four birds sat calmly in the tree for a moment. Once one bird decided to move to the next tree, another decided to chase it.
  4. Leadership is important. Even when children are playing, you don’t have to watch for very long to see who has leadership qualities. Birds seem to follow their leader as well.
  5. Playing together makes you happy. The faces of the birds were far away, but it really seemed to me like they were all smiling!

Zechariah 8:5 says, “And the streets of the city shall be full of boys and girls playing in its streets.” Now is a great time to encourage your children to go outside, although maybe not in the streets, and play. As spring blossoms, why not join your children for a game of chase, tag, hide and seek, or just look for four-leaf clovers. I’m sure you’ll be smiling too!

By: Linda Gilden is a freelance writer and editor who loves every opportunity to play games with her children and grandchildren. She also loves to sit in her office and watch the birds enjoying spring.

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