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Following in Your Footsteps

Following in Your Footsteps

It’s growing increasingly difficult to train up our children to love and honor God and to live within the security of His Commands. But we can do this together as we pray for one another and with one another. Let’s do it. Now!

Father God,

I want my children to love You with all

their hearts, minds, souls, and energies;

help me to lead by example.

Establish my priorities so that when my children

write a note to be seen first thing in the morning,

they do not leave it by my phone or the refrigerator,

but on my Bible.

I want them to reverence You and respect me,

to walk in Your Commands with joy

and regard my instruction with appreciation.

When driving, please convict my heart to be obedient to every law,

recognizing that my children are watching to see how

I respond to those in authority over me.

I want their hearts and minds to be pure,

so help me to turn away from music, movies,

and other sources of entertainment

that might cause them to stumble.

Even when they are not present,

may I live with integrity so that You are always honored

within my home and within my heart,

so that Satan is not granted any opportunity

to diminish or destroy what You long to do

within us and through us.

May I not be “preachy”, but with joy live out

the convictions You have called us to live by

so that we may enjoy Your Peace and Presence,

avoiding consequences that endanger our lives

or break our hearts.

Help us to hear Your Voice

above the noisy distractions of life.

Help me, move me to make the most of every opportunity

to lead these beautiful children deeper

into Your Love and Your Will for their lives.

Please surround them with God-honoring people of prayer

and God-honoring mentors

who will effectively speak into their lives.

Help us to clearly recognize Your Footprints

and to walk in them

wherever they may lead.

The children You’ve given me

belong to You.

I will have to give an accounting for this sacred stewardship.

Oh, God, please help me.

Please help me to be faithful and successful.

In the holy and wonderful Name of Jesus,

we pray…


Train up a child in the way he should go,

And when he is old he will not depart from it.

Proverbs 22:6 NKJV

By: Connie’s utmost ambition is to mobilize mothers to pray. Visit her at My Home, a House of Prayer for All Nations at or connect with her on Facebook at

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