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Fix Mom Some Chicken Salad

Fix Mom Some Chicken Salad

Children are such a marvelous gift from God. I’m so thankful for my children, and now the blessing of grandchildren.

As all of us moms know, children can sometimes be a challenge. We have our ups and downs as we raise them. But I often think what a blessing God has given us to have the opportunity to pour into our children.

I love the “Just 18 Summers” message. When you look at raising your children as having them for just 18 summers, it really puts things into perspective. So for you young moms, make those memories and use them as teaching moments. For you grandparents like me, enjoy making memories with your grandchildren and use that wealth of knowledge that came from raising your own children. Proverbs 22:6(NLT) says, “Direct your children onto the right path, and when they are older, they will not leave it.” What a wonderful Scripture to cling to for our journey through motherhood!

Mother’s Day is a day to honor our mothers and there are ways to involve your children. Many organizations allow children to make special gifts for their mother to help them make mom feel special.

I think a great gift for our children to celebrate mom is to serve her.  Moms serve so many people every day, and this is a way to teach our children the lesson of serving.

My husband and children always served me breakfast in bed on Mother’s Day. It was such a treat to receive and to watch how excited they were to do this for me.

I have a recipe for chicken salad that your children can help to prepare and serve. This chicken salad can be served as a sandwich or placed on a lettuce leaf alongside her favorite fruit.  (Younger children will need a little help from dad or another adult for the preparation.) So allow your children to fix this treat for mom and teach them the lesson of serving.


1 10-ounce jar sweet pickle relish

½ cup sugar

Mix these 2 ingredients together the several hours or even the night before and let stand covered in the refrigerator.

6 boiled and deboned chicken breast (Or to make it easy, you can use canned chicken breasts. I use 4 medium size cans.)

8 boiled eggs

1½-2 cups mayonnaise

3 stalks celery

1 cup pecans

1 large apple(peeled)

Add chicken and eggs to a food processor and mix until smooth. Add the relish mixture and mayonnaise and mix. Add the celery, pecans and apple and pulse until just incorporated, but still a little bit chunky.  Chill until ready to serve.

Put on a pretty plate and garnish with fruit. Serve your mom—and be sure to tell her how special she is to you!

By: Debbie Greenhill

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