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Family Travel

Family Travel

A person said to me, “Why would you want to travel with children? It’s a nightmare having to pack all the clothes, toiletries, medication, and snacks, planning children activities, and making sure the house is in order before you leave.” Whew!

The reason we travel with our children is because it creates bonding time, makes memories, gives a sense of direction, and helps us with understanding other cultures and races. In addition, travel gives us a way to exhale and unwind from our everyday responsibilities.

It’s a great time to nurture their creativity, direction and ministry. We teach about road signs, reading the GPS, helping us with navigation, and learning how to read maps. And they tell us how many miles it will be before our next exit or the next freeway/highway.

Even at airports, we have them to pack their carry-on with their favorite stuffed animals, games, or activities to keep them quiet (without disturbing others) while on the airplane. They give immigration their documents and verify who they are when asked their names and who we are.  The children know our gate number and read the signs and tell us how to get to the gate. All of these experiences are increasing their self-esteem and providing practical life skills.

Most importantly, we are also training them in case they are called to be missionaries, evangelists, or they must journey to wherever the Lord may send them. I don’t want my children to be afraid to travel or of people. The Bible says, “And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.” Mark 16:15 (KJV)

So, yes, traveling with children takes planning, time, and energy. But our goal as a family is to prepare for God’s kingdom purposes. The benefits we receive should be out of this world.

By: Evelyn Burns is a wife and is mom to three boys. She enjoys writing, speaking, and teaching Sunday school. Visit her at

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