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Don't forget to make some memories!

Enjoy the Month of Love

Enjoy the Month of Love

Enjoy the month of love with the loved ones God gave you

Above all, clothe yourselves with love, which binds us all together in perfect harmony. Colossians 3:14 NLT

Why is the shortest month of the year the one that celebrates everything love and hugs and kisses? Perhaps that just means we’ll need to work extra hard to squeeze in lots of adoring accolades, endearing embraces, and memory-making moments. Clothe yourselves with love as part of your daily ensemble during the month of February, and hopefully, the habit will spill over into the next month and the one after that, too.

Celebrate the love of family by taking part in the holidays and silly festivities below, and perhaps create a few unique family ones, too.

Sweater Day –  Have everyone dress in warm sweaters and go for a walk on a new hiking trail or head to the park and play on the playground equipment. After a bit of heart-pumping exercise, cuddle up on the couch or on a blanket outside and catch up on some reading time. Read a few books about wintertime warmth, like, No Red Sweater for Daniel by Becky Friedman; Phoebe’s Sweater by Joanna Johnson, and Penguins Don’t Wear Sweaters! by Marikka Tamura.

Lace Day – Celebrate this unusual holiday by creating special gifts for others. Decide who you want to treat, like neighborhood friends, school teachers, church volunteers, grandparents, or others. Pick out small appropriate treats, like mints or gum, chocolate candy pieces, small pack of post-it notes and a couple of pens, or a sample size of hand lotion. Purchase a handful of lacy handkerchiefs. Place some of the goodies you purchased in the middle of a handkerchief, then gather up the edges of the handkerchief and tie a piece of ribbon around the handkerchief to keep it sealed. Add a note if you want and deliver the treats as a family.

Valentine’s Day – Create a crafty Valentine’s Day wreath. Have an adult trace around a dinner plate on cardboard and cut out the circular shape. Then place a smaller plate inside the circle and trace around it. Cut out the inside circle, forming a cardboard wreath. Give the kids several sizes of heart-shaped cookie cutters and various shades of red, pink, and white construction paper sheets. Let each person trace and cut hearts and then glue them onto the cardboard wreath. Cover the cardboard completely, letting the hearts overlap. Glue a small ribbon loop in place near the top of the wreath for hanging.

National Lost Penny Day – Play a game with pennies and other coins. Using small squares of masking tape, adhere the pieces randomly on the floor or a tabletop. Use a pen to write numerals one to ten, in no particular order, on the tape pieces. Take turns flicking pennies across the table using the thumb and index finger. That person gets the number of points of the closest piece of tape to the penny. If a penny lands on a piece of tape, that person gets double the number of points written on the tape.

Jell-O Day – Work together in the kitchen to prepare a Valentine-colored salad to share at dinner. Drain one 15-ounce can of crushed pineapple. Stir together one 3-ounce box of strawberry Jell-O and one 16-ounce container of cottage cheese. Allow to set for a few minutes, and then blend in the drained pineapple. Fold in one 8-ounce package of Cool Whip. Chill before serving and garnish with sliced strawberries when serving.

Love your loved ones with great gusto this month. Squeeze in lotsa loving in just twenty-eight days, and let that love carry over to next month and the next and the next …

By: Julie Lavender, the author of 365 Ways to Love Your Child: Turning Little Moments into Lasting Memories, looks forward to sharing many memory-making moments with the ones she loves in February. Connect with Julie on social media or her website, at

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  1. Fun ideas, Julie!! Love them!❤️

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