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Don't forget to make some memories!

Décor that Educates!

Décor that Educates!

There’s nothing more American than baseball and apple pie. Summer’s long afternoons that stretch into late nights make it prime time for some celebrating. Whether you look forward to grilling out or making s’mores over an open fire, summertime’s fun gives us hope as winter wears on. There’s nothing more fun than celebrating baseball games with our boys or going to get popcorn and hotdogs at the baseball field hosting our favorite teams. This set of lamps brings the nostalgia and baseball memories front and center to their rooms!

This particular time of summer, we also look forward to celebrating our yearly traditions. Some folks travel with family and friends to a particular vacation spot at their favorite beach, lake or amusement park. Others may look forward to relaxed mornings and extended evenings with late sunsets.

Decorating our homes with a splash of Americana is perfect for this time of year because it’s just a continuation of the ever popular farmhouse theme. Fun prints, festive flag garland, and red white and blue accents make the transition at this point of summer one that looks fresh and appealing.

Whether updating the pillows on your patio furniture with cute patriotic slipcovers, or hanging some fun prints in the entrance or living room, our families can enjoy the freshness Americana décor brings.

The great part about adding to your décor with Americana is the opportunity it brings us to discuss the reason for the celebration. Our children may or may not get to hear about the importance of our independence during the school year. This season provides an excellent opportunity to have those one on one conversations with them. We can concentrate the teaching around the founding of our nation and the liberties we have received because of the actions of a brave few all those years ago. Discussing these important events helps them solidify why it’s important to continue to protect our freedoms as they are the generation of the future. Being intentional about teaching them our values of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness can be as easy as adding some simple items in our décor. Don’t miss the opportunity to lay that foundation!

By: Victoria Duerstock loves a good story. A happily married mom of three, she is eagerly pursuing a writing career. Being connected with the home furnishing industry in some aspect or another for more than 20 years, Victoria has lots of ideas for what’s trending in the marketplace, and she enjoys tagging along with her husband (the real furniture guru) to see the markets from the inside. You can learn more about her writing and other loves at

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