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Decision Making

Decision Making


Our country made many decisions to fight a virus this year, and we make decisions every day. Chat about decision making.


Before making a decision, do the math:



Ask, will my decision

add      + joy to someone’s life?

subtract      –  sin or temptation in my life?

multiply      ´  love or opportunity to share Christ with others?

divide      ¸  my time with God?

If the first three answers come up yes and the last one no, that = the right decision

Don’t just flip for the answer…

Some people toss a coin to make a decision. That’s okay for a game, in deciding who takes the first turn, or other unimportant decisions. But to make decisions when it counts, pay heed to the message of the coin instead.

A coin contains important words. The words, “In God We Trust” remind us to trust in God, not luck or money. Engraved on the heads side, the message also reminds us that in using our heads we should turn to God.

Another word on the coin, “Liberty” means freedom. This country began as a place for freedom to choose how to worship God. Jesus told people that truth sets them free.

Look truthfully at the pros and cons of a decision. Pray for God’s guidance and check out God’s Word for wisdom and you’ll find making the wise choice is easy.

By: Karen Whiting ( grew up in the country and loves growing herbs and berries. Her book about nature is Nature Girl and it’s full of activities, experiments, and more quizzes.

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