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Do you complain and whine because you want a new game, you are bored, or unhappy? Those are signs that you are not content even though you are greatly blessed and loved. In Philippians chapter 4, Paul said,

I know how to live in humble circumstances;
I know also how to live with abundance.
In every circumstance and in all things
I have learned the secret of being well fed and of going hungry,

Paul knew a secret to contentment. He learned to be happy with whatever he had. He could rejoice with gifts, parties, and friends. He could also be thankful on lonely days when he was in prison and had little food. He learned to look at God and thank him for whatever he had. He also trusted God would bless him on other days and would provide what he really needed, like food, shelter, and clothes.

Practice being content. Wake up every morning and thank God for three things in your life like friends, games, family, home, or other blessings. Every night, thank God for all you had in food, shelter, friends, and activities.

When you start to feel bored and want to complain, STOP! Sit for a few minutes. Take a deep breath. Look around and thank God for what you have. You are blessed with so much more than many people who are poor. Thank God that He loves you and wants the best for you.

Go beyond being content to being generous. Many people in this country have been hurt by fires, storms, and other disasters. Consider how you can do without something to be able to give to help people in need.

October is Fire Safety Month

Some fires are fun, like a campfire or one in a fireplace. But, fires can destroy a home or forest and those are not safe or fun. Check out news of forest fires in western states that have caused lots of damage.

Discover fires in the Bible and decide which ones are good fires.

Match the verse with the type of fire:

  1. God spoke from a Burning Bush that didn’t spread
  2. Tongue of fire rested on disciples’ heads
  3. Jesus cooked on a campfire
  4. Lake of fire for devil at end of time
  5. Fire that tests works/purifies
  6. Fire destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah
  7. Men thrown into a fiery furnace but they were kept safe
  1. Revelation 20:10
  2. 1 Corinthians 3:13
  3. Daniel 3:19-25
  4. Acts 2:3
  5. Genesis 19:1-28
  6. John 21:19
  7. Exodus 3:2

By: Karen Whiting ( is an international speaker, former TV host, and author of 25 books. One of her news books, 52 Weekly Devotions for Busy Families, is perfect for parenting children.

Answers: 1g 2d. 3f 4a 5b 6e 7c

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