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Christmas Trees – Decorating to Praise God

Christmas Trees – Decorating to Praise God

…..  “I am the one who answers your prayers and watches over you. I am like a fir tree that is always green. Your fruit comes from me.” Hoseas 14:8b-c

We decorate trees and the tradition dates back hundreds of years to Germany. To continue using a tree we should consider ways that it can glorify God and help us draw closer to Him. God created trees and even compared himself to the evergreen tree.

Make tree decorating a family time to celebrate the reason for the season. Put up the tree and read Hosea 14:8. Then add the lights and talk about how Jesus is the Light of the World described in the first chapter of the gospel of John. Talk about how Jesus wants us to be lights too.

As you add ornaments look up verses from the chart below and chat about how they remind us of the birth of Christ or other aspects of God the creator and the Holy Spirit.

Enjoy the time with some treats and seasonal music. Hopefully the festive occasion will become a family treedition.

As you deck the tree read Scriptures matching the types of ornaments:


















By: Karen Whiting ( loves celebrating Christmas! She is an international speaker, former TV host, and author of twenty-five books. For more ways to keep Christ in Christmas, check out her book Christmas is Coming, Waiting is Hard.

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