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Changing Leaves

Changing Leaves

Fall is my favorite time of the year. It’s not only the change in weather from hot and humid to cool and crisp, but the beauty of the season that stirs my soul. Our family has always loved driving through the Blue Ridge Mountains and marveling at the myriad of colors found on the trees.

When I consider my love of fall, it almost seems out of character. I am a person who detests change—in almost all instances. Yet the season marked by change is the one I like best. As I considered autumn one year, I decided to research what it was that made the leaves turn. What I learned became a turning point for me, and for the way I pray for my children.

I discovered that the intensity and brilliance of the colors is virtually unaffected by the amount of stress the tree has suffered during the previous season, as long as it has plenty of rain at just the right time. That knowledge stopped me in my tracks, as God immediately began to apply its spiritual truth to my life. It didn’t matter how great the trial, as long as I looked to Him for provision, I could come through triumphant.

Inevitably, I began to think about people around me who’ve suffered intense pain and come through to a place of peace. I could see that the constant in their lives had also been the Living Water of God’s Spirit, sustaining them, no matter the stress. The more God worked through their stress and suffering, the more vibrantly His brilliance shined through them.

Dear Lord, as much as I want to protect my children, I know I can’t. My kids face many pressures and hardship in this world. Sometimes I can see what’s happening and step in. At other times, it comes to them in ways I don’t know or understand.

Help me to remember that You are already there, walking with them and drenching them in Your Spirit. Make my encouragement something that points them to You. Show me how to teach them to recognize You in the midst of every situation they encounter.  

Keep them from a spiritual drought that will steal their sparkle. Instead, cover them with the knowledge of how much You love them. Show them who You are in ways that I can’t even imagine—ways that will sustain and bless them during the most difficult times.

Most of all, let each of them learn to accept change with joy, instead of the fear and dread that I have. Don’t let my perception drain the color from their lives. You are our Father and sustainer, teach that to my children, even as You continue to teach me. Amen.

By: Edie Melson—author, blogger, speaker—has written numerous books, including Soul Care When You’re Weary and While My Child is Away: Prayers for When We’re Apart. Married to her high school sweetheart, Kirk, they live in the upstate of South Carolina and have raised three sons. Connect with her on through Twitter and Facebook.

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