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Celebrate the Season Together

Celebrate the Season Together

Dare I say it? “Christmas-time is here!”

If you are anything much like me, you are amazed at the speed with which this year flew by. Of course it’s time for me to decorate, and since I teach music, the Christmas tunes have already been pumping.

Purists of course will complain that we shouldn’t be listening to Christmas music, watching Christmas movies, or having Christmas parties until after the Thanksgiving holiday has passed, but in all honesty, if I wait that long to decorate I might as well not do it. There just isn’t enough time. When I do wait, the Christmas decorations stay up far longer than they should, as my Facebook page attested to this year – yep, until the beginning of February. Oh my!

Christmas decorating trends don’t vary too much from year to year. You have the solid traditional décor with red and green, plaids and velvets, and nativity scenes.

Contemporary décor highlights whimsy with fun color palettes, and Santa, Frosty, soldiers, and more.

No matter your style, the greatest gift of the season is the knowledge that the baby born in a stable was Life, and Hope and Joy. The promise made had been kept, and the celebration continues even today.

When we take the time to decorate our homes with the latest art, pillows, and ornaments, the conversations can continue from day to day why we as Christians treasure the Joy of this season. He is our exceeding joy, and the overflow of this into our homes can fill our children with peace and comfort.

As you continue to become busier this season with the hustle and bustle of activity, don’t forget to take the time as you decorate to talk with your children and share the importance of this celebration with them. I would love to hear how you involve your children in your decorating and share about the Gospel with them, and why it’s such good news! Leave me a comment below and let me know!

By: Victoria Duerstock loves a good story. A happily married mom of three, she is eagerly pursuing a writing career. Being connected with the home furnishing industry in some aspect or another for more than 20 years, Victoria has lots of ideas for what’s trending in the marketplace after tagging along with her husband to see the markets from the inside. You can learn more about her at and if you are a busy author like she is and you are building your platform, she is offering a free course on growing your twitter platform! Sign up today!

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