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Celebrate Creation

Celebrate Creation

Continue to celebrate the resurrection. Jesus gave us eternal life and opened the gates of heaven. April is a time to celebrate the earth God made and all of creation. Look around for signs of new life as spring comes into bloom and rejoice with planting seeds.

With each sign of spring chat about how God uses it to reveal His creation and power. Read Romans 1:20 that tells us nature is a witness to God’s existence.

  • Look for creepy crawling bugs. The Bible talks about learning from the ants that work hard and store food for the winter in Proverbs 30:25.
  • Check out the trees and watch for the leaves to open. Find out how to be like a well-watered tree in Psalm 1.
  • Look for blossoms on trees and buds on flowers. Daffodils and tulips are among the first flowers each spring. Talk about how we can blossom and read Psalm 72:16.
  • Rejoice when you see new babies or new baby animals. Read Romans 6:4 and talk about new life and the value of every life.
  • Find caterpillars that later will change into butterflies. Or maybe you will see a butterfly. If there’s water nearby, look for tadpoles. If you find any, return every few days to see them change into frogs. The change reminds us that God changes us too. Read 2 Corinthians 3:16 about God changing us.
  • Plant some seeds and watch them grow. Read about the patience of farmers as they wait for seeds to sprout and grow, in James 5:7-8. Cut off a corner of the seed packet and use it as a bookmark to remind you that you are growing too.
  • Look at pretty spring flowers. Read Matthew 6:28-30 when Jesus talks about the beauty of the lily and how God cares for us.

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