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Celebrate an Awesome August

Celebrate an Awesome August

Though the calendar proclaims additional summer days ahead, most kids and parents recognize the month of August as back-to-school time. Make the most of the month of August with fun activities that will fill the memory bank and spill over into the beginning of a brand new academic year. Include some of these wild, but actual, celebrations in your festivities this month and create some of your own unique, family ones, too.

International Cat Day – This is a purrrrfect day to celebrate with the family, because after all, who doesn’t love an adorable kitten? Read about a mischievous feline named Henry in Mary Calhoun’s adorable picture books. You’ll love reading some of these books: Hot-Air Henry, Cross-Country Cat, Blue-Ribbon Henry, Henry the Sailor Cat, and High-Wire Henry. After reading, create a fun cat craft using a white paper lunch sack. Stuff old newspapers inside the white paper sack, filling it about two-thirds of the way, to resemble the cat’s plump body. Fold down the open top and tape it closed, but leave enough of the unstuffed, flat part of the sack to add facial features for the cat. Glue on wiggly eyes, a pink pom-pom nose, and fuzzy pipe-cleaner whiskers. Draw a mouth with a black pen and glue two triangular-shaped construction paper ears in place. Add a construction paper tail to the back of the cat. Purrrfect centerpiece for the coffee table while you read another book!

Be an Angel Day – Celebrate this day by being a blessing to someone. As a family, brainstorm ways to be an angel to someone you know. Is there a senior citizen in your neighborhood whose yard needs attention? Do you know a new mom who might need help with baby-sitting for a couple of hours? Perhaps someone you know is grieving the loss of a loved one and could use some company for the day. Has a new family joined your church recently that might need a welcome treat of homemade cookies? If you’re having trouble deciding which activity to take part in, why not make a list of all your ideas and agree to accomplish them all before the month ends?

National Zucchini Day – Try this yummy recipe to celebrate the green squash day! Let the kids help with age-appropriate kitchen tasks to complete the recipe. Wash one pound of zucchini and slice off both ends of the squash. Slice the zucchini in rounds, about one-half inch thick. Toss the slices in one tablespoon of olive oil and then spread in a single layer in a baking dish. Sprinkle with one teaspoon of minced garlic cloves. Season with salt, pepper, basil, Italian seasoning and parmesan cheese. Roast in a 450 degree oven for eight to twelve minutes until lightly browned, but begin checking zucchini often after five minutes. Carefully remove from the oven. Let cool slightly, then enjoy!

Wiggle Your Toes Day – Get outside and wiggle the tootsies! Go barefooted in the grass. Wiggle the toes in a sandbox. Wiggle the toes in a puddle after a summer shower. Add dish detergent to a large tub on the front porch and wiggle toes in the bubbles. Find a stream to wiggle bare toes into the coolness. Wiggle the toes in the ocean, lake, or swimming pool. Dance barefooted on a carpeted floor and wiggle the toes. Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle the day away and make fun memories while doing so!


Airborne Day – Spread your wings and get moving outside to celebrate the day. Play a couple of airplane relays to see who the best flyer is in the family. Race in the backyard with your arms extended like wings to a designated airport. For another game, label trees or other spots in the backyard with airport city names, like, Houston, New York, Chicago, and Atlanta. Then have one person call out three instructions, like, “Hop to Houston; skip to Chicago; dance to Atlanta.” Then, on, “Go,” each person has to follow the instructions in order, with arms extended like wings, to see who gets to the final destination the fastest.

Don’t give up on summer just yet, even though the school bells have chimed for most! Enjoy every minute of the month of August – make it an awesome August, with memories the kids and family will treasure as you begin a new school year.

By: Julie Lavender

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  1. I love these weird holidays. I wonder who decided we need a specific day to wiggle our toes. That’s just awesome. I’d love to know the specific days of these holidays so I can decorate properly. Thank you for posting another set of these holidays. You’ve added great ideas for the family.

    • Thank you for reading and commenting, Joshua! There are some really unique and bizarre holidays out there, aren’t there? But, it certainly gives us another excuse to spend quality time with our families! (The holidays sometimes float each year, so I didn’t share the exact date. Most often, the holiday bears a specific date, but occasionally, it might be ‘the third Tuesday of the month.’ Here’s the specifics for these days: Toes – Aug 6; Cat – Aug 8; Zucchini – Aug 8; Airborne – Aug 16; Angel – Aug 22.

  2. Thank you for sharing activities that help families create memories and have fun together. Both are important! Julie, your writing turns each event into an exciting venture!

    • Thank you, Jeannie! I love the idea of planning exciting ventures with my kids and if we can combine that with a silly holiday, then it makes it even more fun and memorable!!

  3. What a fun post! I wonder who comes up with all these weird holidays. Every day has an interesting list.

    • Sherry, Thank you for your comment! I’ve often wondered who comes up with these bizarre days, and, if my research is accurate, I believe it’s a whole host of individuals that create and submit these silly days. My hope is that each creator enjoys celebrating their days with family members as much as I’ve enjoyed celebrating with my family!

  4. I love International Cat Day! Thanks for the interesting read!

  5. I love these fun theme days to celebrate—especially International Cat Day. Yeah, I’m a cat lover. Meow!
    Thanks for sharing, Julie 🙂

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