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Praying for My Child’s School

Posted by on Sep 17, 2019 in A LASTING FAITH, A Mother's Prayers, Blog | 0 comments

Children and school just seem to go together. Although, school looks very different today than when I was a child. Sometimes it’s held online, or at home, or through a co-op. But however it takes place, it’s an integral part of being a kid. And it’s something we need to bathe in prayer. Many of our ideas about ourselves and others grow out of the experiences we have in school. Sometimes these are positive and affirming, other times . . . well . . . not so much. As parents, those are scary thoughts. But there is one thing we must remember and hang onto. God uses both the good and the bad to bless our children and grow them into the men and women He has designed them to be. While this fall is still young, this is...

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Study in Style

Posted by on Sep 13, 2019 in A LASTING FAITH, Blog, Family Do-votions | 0 comments

  God made you special, including the way you learn best. Read Psalm 139 about how he created you in your mother’s womb. Part of you being special is the way you learn. You are wired to learn best in one of six ways, called learning styles. You can even consider these learning styles as you choose a Bible.  Check them out to find your style and try the ideas that will help you learn best. Auditory (learns by hearing or while listening to music) Read aloud. Listen to a classmate talk about the lesson. Listen to music that matches mood of the passage. Visual (learns by sight and reading or studying charts) Read and then doodle as you reflect or draw the lesson. Close your eyes and picture the passage. Use maps and charts to check out locations...

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Praying Through the Pain

Posted by on Jul 19, 2019 in A LASTING FAITH, Blog, Prayers and Promises | 0 comments

I fought tears and held back a scream the moment my hammer struck my finger instead of a nail. For days, touching a computer keyboard was excruciating but every time my finger throbbed it provided inspiration for prayer, prayer for those who are in physical or emotional pain all over the world. Let’s explore other ideas that follow this concept. When our youngest daughter lost the tip of her finger in an accident, the doctors discussed the need to amputate. We prayed that God would save the finger next to the one that would display her wedding ring when she met her prince. He did. The needles to numb her finger were far more painful than the injury. We chose to worship and pray for men, women, and children suffering illness, injury, or trauma in the hospital with us....

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Praying for My Child to Flunk Math

Posted by on Jul 5, 2019 in A LASTING FAITH, A Mother's Prayers, Blog | 0 comments

“For as heaven is higher than earth, so My ways are higher than your ways, and My thoughts than your thoughts. Isaiah 55:9 (HCSB) Math is not my strong suit and it never has been. It was the subject I struggled with the most during my school years. But I’ve recently discovered that my view of God is filtered through an algebraic mind-set. And when I first noticed the signs, I went into immediate denial. There was no way it could be true. But the evidence was irrefutable. Without realizing it, I’d put God in a box, bracketing Him inside equations. And I’m betting a lot of you may have as well. Let me see if you’re familiar with these two spiritual equations I’m referring to: Following the Rules + Making the Right Decisions = Living a Blessed Life...

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Nonverbal Lessons

Posted by on Jun 28, 2019 in A LASTING FAITH, Blog, Parenting Perspectives | 0 comments

Recently our city had an outdoor fair at a park downtown. It was a beautiful, sunshiny day so we decided to take the children. When we walked in the entrance to the park, one organization was handing out kites. Another was handing out helicopter spinners. Another provided sidewalk chalk. The park was the perfect setting. The children had looked at the helicopter spinners and didn’t quite know what to do with them. Helicopter spinners are straight sticks attached to what looks like a helicopter blade at the top. These were made out of blue plastic. Wooden sticks are sometimes used as well. Only Jeff knew what to do with the unusual sticks. He adeptly put the stick between his hands and began to roll it back and forth. At the right moment, he let it go and it soared...

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Kickstart a Summer of Growth

Posted by on Jun 18, 2019 in A LASTING FAITH, Blog, Family Do-votions | 0 comments

Jesus became wiser and stronger. He also became more and more pleasing to God and to people. Luke 2:52 The end of the school year, the start of summer, warm lazy days, and more are upon us. Make the most of it with growth as a theme. Plant some carrot seeds or a few herbs in a pot or the ground. They grow quickly. Chat about the fact that just as the plant will grow and thrive with a little care, your family members will all grow better with care. Check out these ideas to encourage growth. Grow Physically Measure each child now and at the end of summer. Check clothing and shoe sizes. See who grows the most. Eat healthy foods and exercise. Consider what backyard sports you can do as a family—things such as volleyball, water balloon...

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