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The Power of the Story

Posted by on Aug 8, 2018 in A HAPPY HOME, Blog, Making Your House a Home | 0 comments

One of my favorite trends in home design currently has to be the reclaimed and vintage category. These are items that people are finding and reusing in a new way. For instance, a lighting company in Tennessee is taking wood timbers from a dock in a port and is making light fixtures from them. The beams are rough, but solid and are sanded down and remade into a new and useful product. In addition, there are some great stories that go along with these reclaimed products. The same trend occurs with vintage products. A quick walk through the antiques floor of the Atlanta gift market revealed many vintage games, signs, and artwork. These items aren’t necessarily repurposed into new products, but they are cleaned up a bit and placed back into homes, restaurants, and commercial settings with a vintage...

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Making Our House a Home

Posted by on May 14, 2018 in A HAPPY HOME, Blog, Making Your House a Home | 1 comment

Twice a year, buyers of furniture and accessories from around the world converge on a tiny town in North Carolina. High Point, NC is the furniture capital of the world hosting the largest furnishings trade show. Interior Designers, architects, and buyers spend days combing 180 buildings covering 11.5 million square feet of show space! If you love seeing new accessories and furniture, you’d love attending the furniture market – but you want your comfy shoes and a plan. There are over 2000 exhibitors who either own or lease showrooms for these days twice a year and there are now over 100 countries represented. Some of the new trends that appeared this spring include lovely blue hues and amazing textures. No flat boring looks here, just lots of depth and variety. Warm textures and finished on case goods continue to...

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Love is in the Air

Posted by on Apr 12, 2018 in A HAPPY HOME, Blog, Making Your House a Home | 0 comments

It’s that wonderful time of year when the birds start to sing, and the flowers begin to bloom. It’s also the beginning of wedding season. As parents, we think many times that those days are far off in the future, but many of us are facing the reality that it’s closer than we think. Still more of you already are walking this road with your daughters and even sons and wedding planning is firmly in your minds. During this time, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with the details of all that needs to be done but finding décor to make an event hall or church building more wedding friendly doesn’t have to be one of them. Many times, in an effort to save money, many crafty mamas have taken on the task of putting together the additional décor, but...

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Bring the Outside In

Posted by on Mar 28, 2018 in A HAPPY HOME, Blog, Making Your House a Home | 0 comments

Spring is piercing through the gray of winter and I’m loving the new life it brings. How about you? Our busy lives sometimes hinder us from stepping outside to enjoy the brilliant colors. But spring delivers—right to our doors. How blessed we are to welcome spring in all its glory, inside of our homes—embracing colorful floral arrangements displayed in vintage vases or tucked inside simple mason jars. Rather than peering through a window to enjoy the beauty of spring, we are blessed to physically go outside to gather its beauty, sometimes in abundant supply. But if we’re not physically able to go, we can ask a friend or a family member to bring them in for us. What better way to cheer us up and de-winterize our souls? Children and grandchildren find joy in picking flowers. Let’s give our...

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Florals for 2018

Posted by on Mar 20, 2018 in A HAPPY HOME, Blog, Making Your House a Home | 0 comments

In the midst of winter in the South I find myself dreaming of Spring. I know, it’s the South—how bad can it be? Pretty rough for me because the gray skies and chilly temps keep me hidden indoors and under blankets most days of our winter. After spending the majority of my life in Florida, the winter’s cold can drag on and wear me down. I find I miss the sunshine, the green grass and the flowers blooming all around. Thankfully, the floral and botanical market remains a strong trend for our homes starting 2018. In this season I find it refreshing to be able to bring a bit of color and spring into our home in a variety of ways. From bedding to pillows, and prints to walls, the floral game is strong. Traditional patterns are roaring back...

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A Royal Opportunity for Your Family

Posted by on Feb 14, 2018 in A HAPPY HOME, Blog, Making Your House a Home | 0 comments

Winter sure has settled in, hasn’t it? This week our county had five snow days. Have I mentioned I live in Mississippi? Unusually frigid temperatures and ice and snow have made this January especially difficult. I’m not sure yet how much more time is left in winter, but I am surely over it! How about you? Dreaming of warmer temps and planning 2018 goals always leads to home projects and this year is no different. The news of the Pantone color of the year has been intriguing as well, and I have to say I personally love the Ultra Violet hue. After a couple years of more neutral colors from Pantone, Ultra Violet shifts the home decorating game into high gear. Not just a regular purple, Ultra Violet is a blue based purple that stands out and makes a...

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