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Thank You, God, for Everything

Posted by on Nov 7, 2018 in A HAPPY HOME, Blog, From the Heart | 0 comments

“Thank You, God, that we got to have waffles for breakfast. Thank You that we played Uno today. Thank You that we went to Pop and Tutu’s for dinner. Thank You for my jammies and my stuffed monkey and my pillow and…” I stifled an impatient sigh as my five-year old prayed back through her day, giving thanks for both big and little blessings. Her prayer must have delighted God’s heart, but for this weary mom, it prolonged what I had hoped would be a quick goodnight. By bedtime prayers each evening, I am done. Ready to tuck everyone in, hoping they don’t boomerang too many times for another sip of water or help with a scary shadow or one more trip to the potty. My to-do list is usually still running and I long for some down time...

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Mealtime Matters

Posted by on Oct 29, 2018 in A HAPPY HOME, Blog, From the Heart | 0 comments

“I’m glad we eat together as a family,” my pre-teen daughter said as she served up a second helping. Her comment warmed my heart. I, too, love our shared moments around the table. Sometimes they’re rushed as we squeeze in a meal before Wednesday night AWANA or some other obligation. But most often, they’re times of sweet fellowship as we experience life together. Mealtimes provide a regular opportunity for us to touch base and talk about what’s going on in our everyday lives. Relationships blossom as we listen to each other’s hearts and respond with acceptance and love. As parents, we equip ourselves to provide protection for our kids when we discuss interactions with friends, observe attitudes and listen to what’s important to them. Here are some practical tips for creating memorable mealtimes: Unplug We are less distracted and...

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It’s Not Easy Being Big

Posted by on Oct 17, 2018 in A HAPPY HOME, Blog, History by the Slice | 0 comments

The life of a giant is no piece of cake. I recently listened to a book about the making of the classic movie, The Princess Bride, which featured a humongous actor known as André the Giant. André was a gentle giant, according to the book’s writer, Cary Elwes, who played a lead role in the movie. André stood 7 feet, 4 inches tall, and weighed 520 pounds. But all of that bulk left him with an aching back. Imagine how your body would feel if you carried an extra 300 pounds around with you every day. It was difficult for Andre to fit into many vehicles, and they couldn’t find a horse that could carry him in the movie. Everywhere he went, people stared. When children saw him, they would either run toward him in delight or flee in...

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Jericho: French Peas and Kissing Camels

Posted by on Sep 24, 2018 in A HAPPY HOME, Blog, History by the Slice | 0 comments

Beware of kissing camels. As we stepped off of the bus and made our way past an ornate sign proclaiming Jericho as the oldest city in the world, a man in flowing white robes led a camel up to us. Then the creature started kissing anyone who stepped in its path, placing big, rubbery lips on people’s cheeks. But I guess that’s an improvement over what these ornery animals are better known for—spitting. Still, a camel kiss is slobbery, judging by the excruciating facial expressions on the camel’s three victims. Fortunately, I steered clear of the affectionate animal. It was not crowded on the day our tour guide led us past the kissing camel to the Jericho archaeological site. Our guide, being Jewish, wasn’t allowed to take us up onto the site, because Jericho is Palestinian territory. In fact,...

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Everything Changes

Posted by on Sep 21, 2018 in A HAPPY HOME, Blog, Making Your House a Home | 3 comments

Ecclesiastes 3:1 There is an appointed time for everything. And there is a time for every event under heaven. Summer ends and turns to fall. We take the college students to move in to their new home away from home and we get the crayons, colored pencils, and 500 pieces of colored paper prepped for the other children who are still at home. School, after school sports, dance lessons, and more wind up and unleash themselves each year. Same tune, same verse, new clothes, new grades, older parents. It’s always amazing to me how rapidly the year flies away after school begins—I barely put up the floaties and its sweater weather, and then I’m wrapping presents like a madwoman. Just me? I hope not. In the home furnishings and décor markets it’s even harder. I came home from the...

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One-on-One Time

Posted by on Aug 28, 2018 in A HAPPY HOME, Blog, From the Heart | 4 comments

We call it “One-Oh Time” in our house. My littlest coined the phrase a while back. In was her baby-talk way of asking me to spend “one-on-one time” with her. We laughed at the cute expression, but it stuck. Now we all use the term for our special mommy-and-me times. We started this practice of one-on-one time a few years ago during a particularly frustrating parenting season. My days were spent correcting and instructing, yet the negative behavior continued. My husband suggested that maybe our kids needed some focused alone time with me – just the two of us having fun together. Sure enough, it made a world of difference. Contentment settled in. Each child seemed to come alive as I joined him or her in doing things they love to do. Our kids need more than training and...

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