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Don't forget to make some memories!

I’m Proud of You Son

Posted by on Oct 22, 2020 in A CHERISHED FAMILY, Blog, Inspiration for the Journey | 0 comments

“You’re never too old to want your dad to be proud of you,” my husband stated the other night as we both collapsed into bed, tired from a day of hard work. Those poignant words took me immediately to the memory of my dad. His praise had such a huge impact on me then that to this day I think of my actions and how he would respond. What he accepted then still matters to me now. His affirmation steered desires and emotions, they brought me joy and sorrow. Both my husband’s father and mine are gone, but the ghost of their approval and disapproval is a legacy we both cherish. What a picture of the Christian’s relationship with the Father. “Well done, good and faithful servant,” Jesus’ parable in Matthew 25 reflects a desire to bring satisfaction for...

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Affirmation at the Top of the World

Posted by on Aug 24, 2020 in A CHERISHED FAMILY, Blog, Dad Voice | 0 comments

This is a very old story, but it involves fifteen seconds worth remembering. Many years ago, I made an extremely wise decision and married a wonderful young lady. Part of our honeymoon was a visit to Walt Disney World. We splurged and stayed in a nice room on-site. At dinnertime, we rode the elevator to the top floor to fulfill our reservation to dine in the “Top of the World” restaurant. There we enjoyed a tasty meal and an entertaining show. At the table next to ours sat a young man. I’d guess he was nine, perhaps ten. He was dressed in a suit and tie. Sharing his table for two was his stylishly dressed mother. Due to our close proximity we could easily overhear their conversation. He was polite, articulate, and respectful of both his mother and the...

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Always Make a Nest

Posted by on Aug 14, 2020 in A CHERISHED FAMILY, Blog, Inspiration for the Journey | 0 comments

I’m feeling un-nested these days, or maybe up-nested. In the middle of Covid-19 we are moving to a new house. It is unnerving and uprooting in about a thousand ways. While I pack boxes and the world shouts “stay at home,” nature outside my door flourishes. An ex-robin’s nest dangles hanging threads of straw above the deck where we make our temporary home. We feel in limbo between the old house and the new. The apartment we are in is a not-quite-there-yet daily reminder of what we left and the work ahead. We heard the noisy robin family before we saw them. Wide-open beaks barely visible above the rim of the nest pleaded loudly for momma to drop in a bite. Nested in their well-manicured home we watched them grow until sweet little robin voices left that nest one...

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Hey Dad, Which One Do You Love the Most?

Posted by on Jul 31, 2020 in A CHERISHED FAMILY, Blog, Dad Voice | 0 comments

Recently I overheard some mothers discussing – well arguing really – about a parent’s love. The conflict was based on answering the strange question some parents are asked, “Which child do you love the most?” One mother was claiming the other was lying because the other said she couldn’t choose. Nor could I. “Which child do you love the most?” Children are usually quick to answer that question, and rarely do they make that claim of themselves. They swear it’s a sibling—or maybe the family pet. I, too, have been asked this question. It stumps me. Love one more? Love one less? I can’t fathom an answer to the question. And a wise parent will never play that game, because that’s sure to impact our families in a negative way, and to foster resentment in the hearts of our...

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Doing to Others is the Milk of Kindness

Posted by on Jul 10, 2020 in A CHERISHED FAMILY, Blog, Inspiration for the Journey | 3 comments

My grandson’s left-over cup of milk sat on the counter. Hot and humid, it had begun turning into cottage cheese and worse. I wrestled with the lid and then dumped the contents down the drain. By the looks of things in our nation, I thought, watching the clumps of coagulated white gather in the drain, the milk of human kindness has gone sour like my grandson’s milk. “Do to others as you would have them do to you.” Luke 6:31 (NIV) Let’s not make this too difficult. It’s known as the golden rule. Probably because it is indeed worth a treasure. It’s a great verse to quote to children, but apparently a difficult one for adults to follow. If you are a parent or grandparent wondering what sort of world our children will inherit, you aren’t alone. If your...

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After Father’s Day

Posted by on Jun 23, 2020 in A CHERISHED FAMILY, Blog, Dad Voice | 0 comments

“A good father is one of the most unsung, unpraised, unnoticed, and yet one of the most valuable assets in our society” (Billy Graham). We’ve just celebrated Father’s Day—but even after the official day, we need to think about some important things regarding fathers. I’ve noticed a trend. There seems to be a move by some in our culture to subdue or even eliminate celebrating Father’s Day. This may seem self-serving because I’m a father, too, but as a tribute to my dad, I want to urge the importance of honoring dads on Father’s Day and on the days after that as well. My dad used to dislike going to church on Father’s Day because many times he left so demoralized. Many churches give uplifting attributes on Mother’s Day, but on Father’s Day give examples of poor fatherhood or...

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