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A Season of Wonder and Purpose

Posted by on Dec 24, 2019 in A CHERISHED FAMILY, Blog, No Greater Joy | 0 comments

Oh, the familiar swirl of the season … Tiny bodies, mouths open and eyes wide, marveling at myriad dazzling lights. Preschoolers to teens explaining their every “need” on an ever-increasing wish list. Moms and dads scrambling for the best prices on this year’s must-have items. Parties. Recitals. Church programs and special events. A towering evergreen, begging to be dressed in glittering apparel. Trips to visit beloved grandparents and extended family. Holiday tunes blaring from every radio and television. Apple-cinnamon scented candles. Chocolate-oatmeal cookies and a dizzying array of pies fresh from the oven. But somewhere in the rush of activity, there’s an undercurrent of knowing. Of realizing there’s more to these days—that there is meaning and value and purpose to this season. As parents, we inhale deeply because we know if we’re not careful, we’ll let it slip away....

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Politics and Perspective for Parents

Posted by on Oct 22, 2019 in A CHERISHED FAMILY, Blog, No Greater Joy | 0 comments

In world-record time, I lunged across our den, scooped the television remote in one hand, and muted the set’s audio. After a noisy sigh, I hit the power button and the TV screen darkened. Little ones with sensitive hearts and ears were close and I wasn’t sure how to explain the behavior of the men and women onscreen. In my five-second sprint to find the remote, there were shouts, taunts, and accusations among the sea of glittering politicians. After my breathless dash, paper and crayons provided the perfect redirection activity and the angry adults on TV were (hopefully) forgotten. To say this has been an unusual, never-ending political season would be an understatement. Every news report of candidates hurling allegations and slurs makes the knots in my stomach tighten a bit more. These folks aren’t slinging mud—they’re rolling around like tawdry mud...

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The Source of Our Value and Worth

Posted by on Aug 26, 2019 in A CHERISHED FAMILY, Blog, No Greater Joy | 0 comments

We’ve all been there. Our young daughter is heartbroken because someone at school called her a hurtful name. Or our sports-breathing son didn’t make the basketball team. Maybe someone laughed at our middle-schooler’s choice of clothing or our high schooler received a rejection letter from the college of their dreams. Each day, our children face times of intense struggle over their sense of value and self-worth. From the kindergarten days through adulthood they are hit with countless ideas and opinions concerning how they measure up to ever-changing standards. This is why it’s vital for us to remind our precious ones of the true source of their worth and value—for us to lay a foundation of unchanging truth on which they can build a life. Oh, how they need to know that God’s idea of our worth is vastly different...

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3 Easy Ways for Moms to Say, “I Love You”

Posted by on Jul 30, 2019 in A CHERISHED FAMILY, Blog, No Greater Joy | 0 comments

Showing love to our children comes naturally, right? Along with a warm hug and loving smile, “I love you” is easy to say. But while our children need verbal assurances, there are other powerful, yet subtle ways to shower our precious ones with love and tenderness. Here are three ways to wrap our children in unconditional love: Make eye contact and listen (Even when we’re busy) Yes, our schedules are hectic. And life may seem to be a swirling blur of appointments and activities. But magic happens when we carve a few minutes from each day to simply be still and listen to our loved ones. Conduct a simple experiment. The next time you’re busy making dinner and a child begins chattering about their day, cease moving and give face-to-face attention. If this isn’t a regular practice, our children...

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A Place to Run

Posted by on May 31, 2019 in A CHERISHED FAMILY, Blog, No Greater Joy | 0 comments

Springtime in my beloved North Carolina brings warmth, endless shades of green, southern snow (tsunami of pollen), and near-daily thunderstorms. In this volatile season, God used an experience with a sudden storm and a tiny toddler to teach this “child” how to respond when life’s storms threaten to overwhelm. Distant thunder rolled and rumbled as a rainstorm moved through the area. Little Eliott watched, mesmerized, as water pelted the windows and puddles formed outside his house where we were spending the morning together. His 18-month-old body wriggled with excitement and wonder as he stayed by his rain-watching post. Then came a flash of lightening and my warning to move back from the window. He looked at me, unsure of what to do. Then… BOOM! Thunder rattled the window panes and sent a little boy sprinting across the room—straight into...

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