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Idol Awareness

Posted by on Jan 5, 2015 in A CHERISHED FAMILY, A House Full of Heart, Blog | 0 comments

People are prone to idol worship. We are created beings and we are meant to worship God alone, but our fallen nature can derail us into worshipping things other than God. It’s been that way for a very long time. Remember when Moses went up onto the mountain to talk to God and he came down to find the Israelites bowing down to a golden calf? The subject of idols is an extensive and important one and parents particularly need to take heed – not only to guard against putting up their own idols, but in training our kids to recognize the dangers. It’s easy to worship idols – there are so many in our culture to choose from. Sports. Celebrity. Entertainment. Drugs and alcohol. Many people recognize those things fairly easily. But anything can become an idol if...

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Doing Life Together

Posted by on Dec 4, 2014 in A CHERISHED FAMILY, A House Full of Heart, Blog | 1 comment

Some people are natural talkers and others take a bit more time to express what is inside of them. We have three children – all very different. And in today’s heavy technology world, we find we have to put a premium on talking to each other, face to face. We discuss this topic regularly. Why? Because most of the time, lack of communication – talking – is the key problem families and marriages face. “You have my full attention.” Don’t try to multi-task while you’re talking. Be engaged with the other person. Look at them. There is so much to learn from body language and facial expressions and you miss out on those things if you’re staring at your phone half-listening. You also communicate to the other person that they are not more important than whatever you’re looking at....

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The Importance of Wholeness

Posted by on Nov 6, 2014 in A CHERISHED FAMILY, A House Full of Heart, Blog | 0 comments

How much time do you spend on your relationship with God? Seriously. Sit down and figure it out. How often do you get alone with God? Without distractions. Without the noise and frenzy of the world around you. A Barna study last year (The State of the Bible 2013) found that of the people who do read their Bible, 57% only read their Bibles four times a year. Four times a year! That means a lot of people out there aren’t cracking open their Bibles. And if most people aren’t reading their Bibles (which is arguably an easier activity than the amorphous “spending time with God”) then I imagine the percentage would be a lot higher if we asked people how much time they spend on their relationship with God. And yet it is the key to . ....

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Let’s Talk About….Nudity

Posted by on Oct 6, 2014 in A CHERISHED FAMILY, A House Full of Heart, Blog | 0 comments

Yes. Unfortunately, nudity is a discussion that must be had. Here, and at home with your kids. Talking about sex and nudity isn’t the most comfortable of topics but it’s always better to be proactive than reactive. Reactive is when kids get brought to my office because their parents have discovered they are sending nude pictures of themselves to other kids. It happens all the time. Most parents are completely shocked and it is only the inarguable proof of the picture they found that makes them realize there is a “real” problem. Many parents would prefer to think, “My kid would never do that.” In the news recently, was a story about the nude pictures of multiple young Hollywood stars being leaked. There’s a ton of blaming going on over it, but the fact remains, young people today need...

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Our Sunday Sabbatical

Posted by on Sep 5, 2014 in A CHERISHED FAMILY, A House Full of Heart, Blog | 0 comments

When school ended a few months ago, we sat down and talked about how we didn’t want the kids staring at their phones all summer and tossed around a few ideas as to how we wanted to manage that. Some of the options we considered: 1 – Changing the wifi code until a list was accomplished. 2 – Setting time limits. 3 – Requiring a certain number of hours put toward other things. But in the end, our hearts are really to help our girls create their own boundaries for using technology, not simply creating more rules. And there was this: “Remember the Sabbath day and keep it holy.” (Ex. 20:8) We kept coming back to that verse over and over. How could we do that this summer? We came up with a plan and braced ourselves for some...

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A Summer of … Bickering?

Posted by on Aug 5, 2014 in A CHERISHED FAMILY, A House Full of Heart, Blog | 0 comments

Like many of you, we are often concerned about how our kid’s relationships are with each other. Neither of us had good relationships with our siblings so we’ve always had a heart to encourage our own kids to build relationships with one another. It’s not easy. Conflicting personalities, styles, and interests can cause . . . friction. And when there’s friction, there’s bickering. Obviously, people in close proximity will occasionally disagree and argue. That’s normal! But it’s important for a family to function in a healthy way when it comes to resolving conflicts between siblings. Here are a few tips to keep in mind as those last weeks of summer drag on: Spend time together! It can be tempting to keep kids apart when they tend to erupt in fights (and sometimes that’s necessary). But if you want them...

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