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I can’t find Jesus ANYwhere!

I can’t find Jesus ANYwhere!

In the south, funerals are a family affair. When my Memaw passed, we attended what is known as “receiving friends” at the funeral home – where our family accepted the condolences of all who came to pay their last respects. We took all three children with us. My youngest, Grace, was three at the time. She was especially close to her great-grandmother.

For weeks before her death, we prepared Grace for the inevitable. Ninety-four years was a long time to live. It was time for Memaw to move to her home in Heaven. “She’s going to live with Jesus,” I told Grace over and over again. I smiled and expressed to her what a happy occasion it was. While we were sad because we wouldn’t see her on earth, we would one day see her in Heaven.

We’d been at the funeral home about 30 minutes when Grace threw herself exasperated on an antique couch and sighed. “I can’t find Jesus anywhere!”

Not sure I’d heard correctly, I asked Grace to repeat herself.

“I keep looking, and I can’t find Jesus ANYwhere!” Her chin slunk to her chest.

I explained to my little girl that Jesus lived in Heaven, and we were at the funeral home. I questioned why she would think Jesus would be there.

She looked at me and pointed one tiny finger at the casket a few feet away. “Well, there’s Memaw. So, where’s Jesus?”

In her defense, we did tell her Memaw was with Jesus. And if she could see Memaw in the casket, then it stands to reason that Jesus wasn’t far away.

I’m thankful He is never far away – even if we can’t see Him.

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  1. Carol–this was too precious! I loved it. Could absolutely picture her little face. Thank you for sharing–it is hard to explain the passing of a treasured life onto their eternal home– (((hugs))) to you today!

    • Thanks, Angie. She is an absolute mess and comes up with some funnies, for sure. Thank you for the hug! Sending a (((HUG))) right back at you!

  2. Prayers for you & yours as you struggle to terms of life without someone special- it is a painful journey & you are on my heart today xo

    Thank you for the intro to this new blog I’m really enjoying looking around- cyber hugs & handshakes to my new friends here!!

    I’m going to put the kettle on and spend awhile :meeting y’all!

    • Hi, Carolyn. So glad you stopped by for a “visit.” Thank you for the well wishes. It’s never easy to say good-bye to the ones we love, but there is comfort knowing we will see them again one day. 🙂 Glad you are enjoying your stay here at Just 18 Summers – and as we say in the south, “Y’all come back now. You hear?”


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