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“Can I Read Your Bible?”

“Can I Read Your Bible?”

I couldn’t imagine what four-year-old Autumn wanted with my Bible. She was only reading very simple words and those only with help. But I reached across the car seat, picked up my Bible and handed it across the front seat to Autumn.

“Here you go,” I said. “Why don’t you read out loud? I love every story in the Bible.”

Autumn reached out to take the Bible. “Where’s the pencil?”

Pencil? Why did a four-year-old need a pencil to read the Bible? I looked around to find something to write with. Finding a pen in the console, I handed it to Autumn.

When she was satisfied with pencil in hand, Autumn started reading. Well, she wasn’t really reading but she told me the story of Jesus’ birth and how He was God’s gift to the world. Quite accurately and animatedly.

Stopping at a red light I turned around to look at Autumn. She had been underlining words in the Bible as she told her story.

I was proud of Autumn for wanting to “study” and underline as she read. I was even prouder of her mother. Autumn was copying what had been modeled to her. She had seen her mother read her Bible at home. As her mom read, she underlined key words so she could remember them.

Your method of Bible study could be underlining. Or it could be reading aloud or taking copious notes. Do you journal? Maybe writing your thoughts every day is your preferred method of study.  Shouldn’t we all take a lesson from Autumn and find the method that makes our Bible study the most meaningful?

Think about it:

There is so much to learn in the Bible and most of us can’t remember it all. But don’t keep your method to yourself. Study with your children and teach them how to study the Bible for themselves. Here are a few suggestions.

1)      Read the story to them and let them draw a picture.

2)      Get a coloring book of Bible stories and have them color the story once you have read it.

3)      Find a craft that matches what you are studying. For example when you read about Joseph’s coat of many colors, use a popsicle stick and leftover fabric to make a stick figure of Joseph.

4)      Pick a hymn or chorus that relates to the story and sing it together.

By: Linda Gilden and her husband live in SC. She is a mother of three children and three children-in-love and grandmother of five. She loves involving the grandchildren in her Bible study. They especially like to practice #4 above!

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