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Don't forget to make some memories!

Calendar Memories

Calendar Memories

A little while back, a student said to me; “Did you know there is a National Paper Airplane Day?” It seemed a little strange, but we verified it. There online, among a list of holidays for May, was the designated label.

To my surprise, every day in May has some sort of event or holiday. Some are serious (Memorial Day) and some a little nondescript (May 18thNo Dirty Dishes Day). Some I recognized as having been established over the years.  Although I was in my early teens before I realized folks weren’t saying “sink” and “mayo” on May 5th, that really did confuse me as a child. I didn’t know how to put those two words together.

I’m not sure we need a National Wine Day (May 25th). Folks who partake in that beverage likely don’t want it limited to just one day. Now change the spelling and we’ve got something good, though. A “whine day” would be good. I’d love it if folks could limit their whining to just one day a year.

My son is a big fan of the science fiction day, May the Fourth Be with You. And I’m going to make sure that my children are reminded annually that May 10th is Clean Your Room Day.

As I scanned the list, it triggered many family memories. The statutory holidays often had family gatherings I remember well—with swimming, bar-b-ques, and family activities. But then I came across May 17thNational Walnut Day.

For a number of years our family lived in California. There in the shadow of Mount Diablo, our yard displayed a number of walnut trees. When harvest time came, my dad would wake us earlier than even a rooster would crow. His wake-up call was blasting Sousa Marching Band songs through the house. Then, miserably awake, we would go out and spend a hot day shaking the nuts from the trees and dutifully peeling them.  Most folks don’t know that walnuts are covered in a stain-your-hands-green-for-a-week-after-harvesting covering. It was hard work and we likely complained all day long.

But the strange truth is, I look back with pleasant nostalgia on those days. We were working together as a family and our labors produced a tasty bounty.

As a dad now, I realize something: it seems not all memories need to be in a swimming pool or throwing a ball. Being together is what’s vital. Making time for the fun stuff is important, but there are household tasks that need doing as well, so why not do them together?

I’d take the time to share more, but May 20th is National Be a Millionaire Day and I have a great deal of earning to do before then.

By the way, in case you were wondering, National Paper Airplane Day is May 26th. I wonder if there’s a card for that.  If there is, it had better be folded nicely into an airplane.

I wonder what holidays and events are in June? Look for some fun and zany family activities and make some memories.

By: Dave Trouten is the married father of two teenage boys and a Division Chair & Professor of Communication at Kingswood University.

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