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Butterfly Fun

Butterfly Fun

Summer is a time when butterflies flit from flower to flower and share their beauty as they gently flutter their wings and fly in gardens. We can learn from their activities and characteristics and even imitate some.

Butterflies network. They spread pollen among flowers to help plants germinate and grow more plants. We network when we connect with people and share thoughts to inspire new ideas.

Butterfly wings move in a figure eight motion. They have direction with their moves. We can move in patterns too and even make up dances that help us dart around.

Caterpillars can be in such large numbers on a plant that people can hear them munching. It’s a party for them! When you party with your friends, you can make happy munching noises too.

Male butterflies do something called puddling. They drink from puddles to get nutrients not found in plant nectar. Some boys and girls like to enjoy puddles or splashing in water anywhere, although they don’t drink it.

Puddle clubs are formed when groups of butterflies gather together to suck salts and minerals from a wet area of soil. Groups of children like to gather, too, sometimes even to play and make mud pies. People need minerals too, and we get it from healthy foods and drinks.

When a butterfly emerges from a cocoon it has an important job. It must assemble its mouth that’s in two pieces (proboscis). It curls and uncurls the proboscis to get the mouth together and working so they can drink nectar and live. Human babies can’t eat adult food when they are born and it takes a long time for them to learn to use their mouthparts to chew and eat.

Butterflies are tricky, especially in protecting themselves from enemies. Some fold their wings to blend into the background. Others let their flashy colors be a signal they are poisonous even if they are actually harmless. People can be tricky too, when they play hide and seek and other games.

Butterfly wings are clear. We see colors because when light hits the tiny microscopic scales on the wings, it reflects lights, sort of like light passing through a prism or a soap bubble. God wants us to reflect the light of Crist. That’s one of the best things we can do! That’s part of why God’s word reminds us that nature witnesses to His existence. Read that in Romans 1:20.

Follow the clues

Use the clues to fill in the blanks and find a Bible verse that tells what happens when you believe in Jesus.

  1. Opposite of here
  2. What is left when you subtract two from three
  3. Opposite of out
  4. Another name for Jesus (begins with C)
  5. Opposite of she
  6. Letter before B
  7. Opposite of old
  8. You already _____ all your food.
  9. Opposite of new
  10. He left, he is ______
  11. When you buy something it is brand ____
  12. When you call your dog you say, ____ here.




Answer: 1. there 2. One 3. In 4. Christ 5. He 6. A 7. New 8. Ate 9. Old 10. Gone  11. New  12. Come

This is 2 Corinthians 5:17.

By: Karen Whiting ( an author, speaker, and former television host, has a book all about advent called Christmas is Coming! But Waiting is Hard: Family Activities and Devotions for Advent.

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