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“But I Don’t Have Time to Pray!”

“But I Don’t Have Time to Pray!”

As the mom of three preschoolers, I longed for quiet moments dedicated to personal Bible reading and prayer. But those moments were few and far between. As time passed, I felt woefully inadequate and frustrated. How could I ever grow my relationship with Jesus if I didn’t have a decent chunk of time to sit down and talk with Him?

Everything changed when I realized that a one-size-fits-all prayer template was a misnomer. While some moms in my circles enjoyed 15 minutes or more of daily undisturbed intercession, my schedule and family responsibilities didn’t offer me that luxury. Rather than feel guilty about it, I had to find a system that worked for me.

One of the most freeing discoveries in my spiritual life was that I could invite Jesus into the mundane of my day and thus enjoy continuous conversations with Him. In essence, I began obeying the biblical command to pray without ceasing (1 Thessalonians 5:17).

For instance, while taking my children for a walk in our neighborhood, I silently thanked Jesus for giving them health and a delightful curiosity about nature. When refereeing their arguments, I asked Him for patience and for wisdom to know how to best teach them to respect others. When folding clean laundry, I thanked Him for clothing and for a washer and dryer to help me get that task done.

No matter what I did during the course of my day, I invited Jesus to share the moment with me. Not only did I become keenly aware of His presence, but I learned to recognize His voice as He conversed with me through nature, music, my children’s chatter, and of course, through His Word.

Seasons of life bring change, but one thing hasn’t changed for me even though my kids are now grown and gone—the practice of carrying on continuous conversations with Jesus throughout my day. That discipline began out of necessity when my kids were young, and it’s still going strong today. Birthed from frustration, it’s become one of my greatest joys.

Give it a try if you haven’t already developed this practice.  My prayer is that you, too, will find it to be a source of great joy in your spiritual life. Feel free to connect with me by leaving a comment here or connecting through my website if you have questions. I’d love to hear your thoughts on how you, as a mom with young kids at home, are growing your relationship with Jesus.

By: Grace Fox is a popular international speaker, global worker, and the author of eight books including 10-Minute Time Outs for Moms (available through Next Century Publishing). She’s the mother of three married children and grandma to six precious kiddos. Visit to learn more about her books and resources. You can also subscribe to her newsletter and devotional blogs there.

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