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Bubbles! A Great Family Stress Reliever

Bubbles! A Great Family Stress Reliever

Burst the doldrums and struggles of the year with some bubbly fun. It’s been a difficult year and we need some activities to lighten our days.

Let children blow and catch bubbles.  Find simple bubble blowing toys at a dollar store. Bubbles are so light, airy, pretty, and easy to use for fun and also good for inspiring conversation.

Watch how they float until they pop. Think of one worry and blow a bubble. Imagine your problem just floating away and disappearing as it pops. Read 1 Peter 5:7 about letting go of worries. Chat about those worries and trusting God so you can let go of anxiety and fear.

Discuss some bubble facts.

  • In space there are no bubbles because there’s no outside (exterior pressure) to act against inside pressure.
  • Look for color in bubbles. They appear due to reflection of light. As light passes through the bubble and the soap in the bubble, it distorts the light.
  • You can freeze bubbles if the temperature is below 32 degrees.
  • As you breathe out to blow a bubble it helps relieve stress, like taking a deep breathe.

Baptism Word Search

While playing with water this month, consider talking about Baptism and use this puzzle to add to the fun and learning.

Water                          Holy Spirit                  Repent             Forgiven

John                             Believer                       Jordan             Oil

Candle                         Love                            Family of God


L  O  V  E  L  D  N  A C  C  E

L  E  F  O  R  G  I  V  E  N  J

B  T  N  E  P  E  R  L  R  N  O

R  E  T  A  W  A  T  E  I  H  R

F  A  M  I  L  Y  O  F  G  O  D

R  E  V  E  I  L  E  B  A  J  A

T  I  R  I  P  S  Y  L  O  H  N


__ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __

By: Karen Whiting ( grew up in the country and loves growing herbs and berries. Her book about nature is Nature Girl and it’s full of activities, experiments, and more quizzes.

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