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Beware of Great Lies

Beware of Great Lies

It’s so important that we guard our children’s hearts, minds, and lives at all times, in all circumstances, and at every stage of life. Being active in prayer and interacting relationally when children are young can save a mountain of broken hearts and relationships; but even when broken, God is able to make all things new. And whether you have obedient children who respect authority, or are faced with children walking in rebellion or making poor choices, our response is the same. We win spiritual battles by using spiritual strategies.

Our Bibles are our primary weapon for responding to every deception, distraction, and assault of satan. So let’s use it.

When opening my Bible, I plead that my family will have a passion for God’s Word. They do. But there’s more,


please grant them discernment in the world.

Let Your Word be as fire in their bones

burning away every form of deception.

Each time they open it, please grant them wisdom

and divine revelations that drive them to fulfill

the destiny You desire for their lives.

We can also use our daily activities to inspire us. For example, each morning I use ribbon to tie back my curtains while praying,


Please bind our hearts to Your will and Your Word –

may these be our highest passion

no matter what the cost.

Tie a ribbon around your pen or pencil to prompt you in this prayer.

While pouring milk, let’s remember 1 Peter 2:2; it inspires the prayer,

Like the cravings of newborn babies

who relentlessly cry out for milk day and night,

so may our children crave Your Presence, Light, and Truth

so that they will be mature and long to feed the hungry multitudes.

While wiping toothpaste from bathroom mirrors, I pray that they will be a reflection of Christ, sharing His Love with the world.

When praying over a meal, I always conclude,


May our favorite food be to do You Will,

to go wherever You send us.

Most helpful in directing their paths, I frequently ask God to expose any deception on their part—any temptation they may be considering that would bear painful consequences they have not considered. Try it. My youngest daughter finally recognized that only God could be revealing the secrets of her heart as she repeatedly fell into His sacred trap. These provided wonderful opportunities to demonstrate how fiercely and personally He loves each of us, as well as discuss the love of a parent for a child. I could write a book on this one!

This is one of my favorites. Place a globe or map of the world in a prominent place. Whenever it catches your eye, pray that your children will have God-honoring influence over nations. Again, remember it doesn’t matter whether they respond to you with respect or are giving you a hard time. We pray. We pray for one another. And we have faith. We receive this as our assignment knowing that victory is the will of God as He has placed us in this world together for such a time as this. There’s so much work to do. You’ve got this!

By: Connie’s passion is to mobilize women and children to pray. Please visit her website, “My Home, a House of Prayer for All Nations” or connect with her on Facebook at

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