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Berry Good Fun

Berry Good Fun

Summer is time for various berries to ripen. Have fun picking if you have a farm that allows picking or or if you have wild berries near your home. Otherwise visit a farmer’s market and look for fresh grown berries. They’ll be juicy and colorful.

Use the berries for many treats:

  • Wash and eat them raw.
  • You can dip raw fruits in whipped cream, caramel, or chocolate
  • Make a berry shortcake
  • Slice up some berries and use them to top ice cream or cake
  • Make a berry pie
  • Make a fruit salad
  • Make berry turnovers
  • Make berry slushies by mixing ice and squished berries
  • Make a berry salsa to dress up chicken
  • Make berry skewers
  • Make berry dessert sandwiches by placing sliced berries between two slices of pound cake or wafer cookies
  • Cut fruit shapes with cookie cutters and layer them
  • Make frozen yogurt pops by blending plain yogurt, berries, and a little honey. Pour in a mold, add a popsicle stick, and freeze.

Add a spiritual lesson with your berries

  • Read about the fruit of the spirit in Galatians 5:22-23 and talk about how that fruit can be used many ways to help people and have a happy home.
  • Read Genesis 1 and chat about all the fruits God created. Praise Him and thank Him for your favorites!
  • Talk about how the Bible calls children the fruit of the womb and how children are a blessing!
  • Read Matthew 7:17 and chat about bearing good fruit.

Mary’s Growing Baby Word Search

Elizabeth proclaimed the fruit of Mary’s womb blessed. She was talking about baby Jesus growing inside Mary. Read Mary’s praise she said in response in Luke 2:39-56. Then find words from the passage in the word search. Use the uncrossed out letter to find a message of what else children are said to be in scriptures.









By: Karen Whiting ( is the author of 25 books including 52 Weekly Devotions for Families.







(They are a gift from God (Psalm  127:3)

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