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Bears and Spiritual Binoculars

Bears and Spiritual Binoculars

Materials: Binoculars

Scripture Reference: Proverbs 8:17

For 35 years I have been blessed to live in a beautiful valley in Western North Carolina. With extensive woods and streams in the area, it would be expected for one to have seen a variety of wildlife. Fortunately, and unfortunately, that has not been true for the residents and visitors of my community. The wildlife is around no doubt, but it’s often a well-kept secret of our forests.

So you might imagine my surprise and unbelief when my husband called one day and told me to watch out while I was on a nature walk with our children. A lifelong friend and neighbor had reported seeing a mama bear with three cubs. He said he had just seen them moments before. I trust both my husband and our friend, but to be honest, I doubted I would ever see the bears.

I skeptically began scanning the tree line, and to my great surprise, I too saw a mama bear and three rambunctious cubs. I was so excited and amazed to get to see this rare sight. Those bears were right in front of me and I am sure I would have never seen them on my own. We could have carried on with our walk and never realized they were there, but we just looked up and had this unique opportunity.

It was not until later that God reminded me that dear trusted family and friends told me about Jesus and His precious promises. They told me about Jesus dying on the cross and His resurrection so I could have eternal life.

I was told my entire life that God loved me enough to willingly give His only son to pay for my sins. Although I had been told about these things and I believed them, I still had to look with my own eyes into God’s word and see for myself—nobody else could see for me.

What I’ve realized is that all I have to do is look around. God has so sweetly imprinted Himself in every detail of my life. He promised in His Word that if we would seek Him, we would find Him. Every time we study the Bible and pray, it’s as if we are picking up a pair of spiritual binoculars to get a closer and clearer glimpse of our glorious Savior.

I have been continually watching and expecting to see those bears again. Yet so far, I have not. I am thankful God is not so elusive. Since the day I accepted Christ as my Savior, each time I’ve sought Him, He has faithfully shown Himself to me.

Let’s thank God today that He is right there and if we look for Him, we will find Him.

Additional Scripture:  I Chronicles 28: 9; II Chronicles 15:2; Psalm 9:10;  Luke 12:21, Luke 11:9

Action Steps:

  1. Have you seen animals out in the wild? What animals have you discovered?
  2. How has God made each animal special? What are some unique traits of various animals?
  3. Lydia and her children almost missed seeing the bears. They had to specifically look for them. How does that apply to us when it comes to looking for God?
  4. Binoculars help us to see the animals better. How could we use “spiritual binoculars” to help us see God better?

By: Lydia Cox

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