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Are You Doing Your Part?

Are You Doing Your Part?

Materials:   Variety of kitchen and/or garage tools

Scripture Reference: Ephesians 2:10

While preparing a meal several evenings ago, I was looking for a tool I have that is specifically designed for chopping meat. Finally, I gave up and used a different tool that was adequate for the job. It took much more effort on my part to use a less appropriate gadget, but nevertheless, I was able to get the meal on the table.

During this frustrating process, I realized we are like these tools. God created each individual with a specific design that would enable them to complete the purpose for which they were created. We are all equal, but we each have a special job in the service of the Lord.

So, could someone else do my part?  Absolutely. God will have the rocks and trees cry out in praise for Him if His children don’t, so yes, someone else could certainly do what God has planned for me. His will is sure to be carried out with or without my cooperation, but He has a blessing for me when my will is less important than His. We are truly successful when we walk with the Lord in obedience.

Let’s ask God to show us exactly what we are supposed to be doing and simply just do it!

Action steps:

  1. Help your children gather some tools from the kitchen or garage.
  2. Talk about what the jobs are for each tool.
  3. Try using the wrong tools for various tasks.
  4. Then try using the right tools. Talk about whether it’s harder or easier when using the right tools.
  5. Talk about how we’re God’s tools and how He has plans for us.
  6. Talk about how it will impact our lives when we do what God intends for us…and when we don’t.

By: Lydia Cox

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