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Are You a Rooster Parent?

Are You a Rooster Parent?

There was a tremendous commotion in the chicken yard. I looked out the window to see a lone goose about ten feet away from the coop fence. He was just searching for bugs and basically minding his own business. But the chickens were not happy about the goose’s presence.

The hens went under the coops or either in the coop to the roosts. Once they were settled, the roosters each assumed a post nearby. In the door of each of the two hen houses sat a rooster. His body filled the open space and the hens remained safely tucked inside.

How many times as a parent do we try to be the “rooster” for our children? We see some kind of perceived danger and immediately want to position ourselves between our children and that danger. But is that really the best thing for them?

The rooster remained in the door of the hen house for quite a while. But then one of the “girls”
decided she wanted to come out. The rooster stood, moved over just a little bit, and the hen squeezed by. From my vantage point, it looked like the rooster was pretty hesitant to leave his post and let the chicken by. But he rose and moved slightly to the side.

When parents are in a “rooster” situation, they have to make a decision. Should this be a teachable moment? Or is it a time to insist your children hide from the danger thereby denying them any growth?

Ephesians 6:10 tells us “Finally, be strong in the Lord and in the strength of his might.” Even a child can learn to stand strong against the enemy whether it is a friend at school, an unfair accusation, or a goose in the yard.

Make sure you instill Scripture into the hearts of your children every time you can so that when the “goose” comes into his or her yard, your child can stand strong on the Word of God.

By: Linda Gilden is thankful for the opportunity to help her children and grandchildren learn to make good choices and is proud of the choices they have made. She loves the blessing of being involved in their lives and spending time with them and their families. Visit her at

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