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Life has gripped many with fear—often even our children—causing people to act insane, and to exhibit characteristics such as being angry, rude, bitter or even violent. Sin is having a cancerous effect on our society, destroying everything in its path, leaving many families with no confidence or hope for tomorrow.

That makes it extra special when we have people in our lives who are loving and kind, who put others before themselves. We should encourage them and go out of our way to show them appreciation and validation—and this is a wonderful opportunity to talk with our children about good and bad character traits and how they affect our homes and our world.

I was reminiscing recently about people who have impacted my life. Many shared a smiling face or had a positive word to share for me or my family. Besides my loved ones and friends, Jesus does this for me too. When I think about all He has done for me and how He has brought my family through difficult times. I can’t thank Him enough.

Do you know special people like this? When was the last time you spoke to them and shared your gratitude? Many times, these are the individuals who are quiet, humble, doing service jobs working behind the scenes. A hug and a thank-you or a colored picture or note from your child would mean so much to them.

Serving with a humble spirit can make a great impact in our church and community, and a mom or dad who models that at home and elsewhere can leave a big impression on their children, one that can take root and grow and be carried to another generation.

Here are some suggestions for spreading the love to those we appreciate:

  • Send a hand-written note of thanks
  • Go visit or invite them out for tea or coffee
  • Call them on the phone
  • Take a moment and tell in person them how you feel
  • See a need and make a difference, cheerfully giving of your time or resources

Let’s be the change needed for our families, communities, and country—and the best place to start is at home.

By: Evelyn S Burns, RN, MSN, is an author, writer, and speaker. Her new book, Think for Yourself, just released. She is a strong advocate for living biblical principles in our daily lives. She’s married and has three sons.


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  1. Great information! Being personal, giving attention to, and making time for the people you care about speaks volumes to them.

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