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After the Olympics

After the Olympics

The ancient Olympics began in Greece long before Christ came on earth. They also stopped long before Christ when the Roman Emperor Theodosius banned them. Other sports competitions still took place in parts of Greece, including the Isthmian games. Paul may have watched them when he spent time in the city of Corinth. He wrote about racing and the winner’s crown. The winners in the games in Greece received a pine wreath to wear as a crown.

Even though the Olympics are now over, you can still have fun with these activities while watching athletes compete in sports:

  • Hold ice races. Use ice cubes and see who can get their cube to slide down a slope the fastest or melt the fastest.
  • Make some ice figure shapes by freezing water in different containers. Display the ice figures while watching figure skating.
  • Read what the Apostle Paul wrote about athletes and winning in 1 Corinthians 924-27.
  • Play checker hockey. Use an empty box with a hole in the middle of each end. Flick the checker with your thumb to try and score a goal. Make it harder by gluing obstacles in the bottom of the box.
  • If you live where snow is still outside, do some sledding. Otherwise try hill sliding.
  • Make some ice cream mountains and cut the handles off plastic spoons. Use the oval spoons to slide down the snowy ice cream mountain.
  • Make round cookies and frost them with the colors of your favorite sports team.

Look at the letters rolling around on this wheel. In the code below, each letter needs to be switched to the one above or below it in the wheel to solve the message. For example A=Q and Q=A.

Discover what Jesus told us to do that’s good to do every day.

__ ___ __ __     __ __ __

O    L    F  U     L   K  U

__ __ __ __ __ __  __

Q  K  L  D   X  U  B

By: Karen Whiting ( an author, speaker, and former television host, has a book all about advent called Christmas is Coming! But Waiting is Hard: Family Activities and Devotions for Advent.

Answer Key: Love One Another

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