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Don't forget to make some memories!

The Story Behind Just 18 Summers®

During a Sunday church service, my pastor prayed with a couple who were dedicating their infant son to God. As they turned to walk off the platform, Rev. Sexton said these words, “Don’t forget—you have just 18 summers. Take time to make some memories.”

Whew! The poignancy of those words moved me to tears. I was at the end of my 18 summers with my son and I knew how quickly each of them had zoomed by. Even though we had made an effort as a family to have fun and make memories, I found myself wishing that we had taken even more time to enjoy those precious fleeting moments with our sons.

Most parents can relate to that. Sometimes we’re so busy with the responsibilities and tasks of parenting that we forget to enjoy the journey. We’re busy. So are our children. Activity fills every space in the daily schedule. Before we know it that newborn in pink is zipping around the cul-de-sac on her bike. That tiny boy is yanking at his collar as he poses for graduation pictures. We’ve heard it before—so many times. “Enjoy these days now. Time passes quickly.” Believe it.

Eighteen years sounds like a long time. The fact that we have just 18 summers really brings it home. Enjoy those days with your child now because someday you’ll wish you could . . . just ask any mother of a 19-year-old as she watches her child leave for college.

That’s the message behind the Just 18 Summers® brand. Our blog is the first piece of the brand to release and we’re excited about it! I think you’ll love our staff of amazing contributors! We will feature 18 categories each month, ranging from home décor and hospitality, recipes and meal ideas, fun things to do with your kids, parenting and relationship tips, inspiring stories, and many more.

My Just 18 Summers novel (co-authored with Rene Gutteridge) released from Tyndale House and is available now. We are in the process of raising the funding for a feature length film and a documentary, and have plans for additional books, music, and other Just 18 Summers products.

Moms and dads, you have just 18 summers with your child. Please don’t miss the moments! Take it from a mom who would give a million dollars if she could walk down the hall and tuck her little boys into bed just one more time.

How many summers do YOU have left? What you do with your children now will determine whether you look back someday with regrets or sweet memories.

I’ll close with the words of the elderly lady who stopped me at the mall when my son was just a little guy, “Enjoy that sweet little one. The time goes by so fast and he’ll be grown before you know it.” Turns out she was right.

Blessings to you and your family,

Michelle Cox—Just 18 Summers® Creator and Co-Developer


  1. Great reminder

  2. Boy, don’t I know it too. I’ve been that lady admonishing young moms to enjoy and treasure each moment with their children. Now I am watching my grandchildren grow at light speed! I savor the Bible verses that talk about God blessing the children and children’s children of the righteous. Life is too precious to be too busy and miss living. Thanks for this post and the concept for this website. God’s blessings on you.

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