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Invite Michelle to Speak at Your Event

I’d love to speak at your event! I hope you’ll check out my bio and that you’ll contact me about speaking for your group. There’s an email address to contact me (and a list of requested information) at the end of this page.

Michelle Cox (Just 18 Summers® brand creator and co-developer) is available to speak at:

  • Churches
  • Women’s groups
  • Parent/Family organizations and groups
  • Family and counseling professionals and organizations
  • Corporate groups
  • Book clubs
  • Political groups
  • Family conferences
  • Writing conferences
  • Media Conferences
  • Etc.

While keynote addresses are typically 45-60 minutes and workshops range from 1-4 hours, the content and length can be tailored as needed for your audience.


Just 18 Summers (for family groups)

God has given you just 18 summers with your child. Are you making the most of them? Will you look back on those seasons without regrets? Will you accept the challenge to become the parent God wants you to be? Join me for information and skills to help you as you maneuver the winding roads of the parenting journey. Become a parent on a mission to raise your children for the Lord.

Just 18 Summers (motivational for corporate and other groups)

It’s often difficult balancing work and family, but learning to find that balance will make you a better parent and a better employee or boss. The statistics are stunning, the stories of those who missed the moments with their children are compelling, and the wake-up call might be just what you need. Just 18 Summers isn’t a guilt trip—it’s a gentle reminder that those times with your children won’t be there forever. Don’t discover that when it’s too late . . . because you can’t go back and rewind yesterday.

 Simple Little Words

Our words can inspire, encourage, and convey love. They can poke and prod and compel to action. Or they can wound, discourage, and criticize. What is said—or not said—in the most mundane moment can alter the course of a life . . . forever. Join me for some amazing stories of people whose lives were changed because of something someone said to them. Learn how to become the person whose words change lives for the better.

Mothers Who Made a Difference

So many times we as women think that it isn’t of value to God as we clean house, change diapers, and cook dinner—but because a mother packed a lunch with five loaves and two fishes, her child was part of a miracle! In this session we’ll take the lives of eight Bible moms and pair them with the lives of contemporary moms, and then we’ll tie their lives together to show how those women of long ago are relevant in our lives as women today.

The Power of a Praying Mama

Our prayers for our children are one of the most powerful tools in the world. When Billy Graham’s mama prayed for her little boy, she had no idea what God had in store for her son, but look at what those prayers accomplished. What if that mama hadn’t prayed for her son? The stories of mothers who prayed for their children will touch your heart and will inspire you to be like them. Stop and think about it: If you don’t pray for your child, who will?


Promotion and Marketing Can Be Fun!

Does promoting and marketing your books sound as exciting as a root canal or an IRS audit? Are you clueless about what to do? Publishers have limited resources for promotion, and much of the responsibility will fall on you. Join me for this session and learn valuable tips and skills that will put you ahead of your peers. Even beginning writers will benefit as they discover how to wow pub boards and editors with the promotion and marketing section in their proposals. Shucks, by the end of this session you might think this is fun too!

Maximize Your Conference Experience

You’ve registered for the conference and made your travel arrangements. Next you’ll pack your clothes and your dreams as you head to the Carolina Christian Writers Conference—but are you really ready for the conference? Join me for “Maximize Your Conference Experience” for tips on talking with editors, maximizing publisher appointments, and other suggestions that will make your conference experience fun and productive.

The Writer’s Diet

Have you ever been on a diet? Yes? Then you’ve already learned some traits that will help you on your writing journey. Dieting and writing both require discipline, sacrifice, acknowledging that you need help, and a conscious choice to get started. Both efforts go better when partnered with prayer and support from others—and the results are so worthwhile. We’ll cover all the things you need to know as a new writer, so fasten your easily expandable belt, and join me for tips and suggestions to feed your writing habit. Yes, we will have chocolate!   

Managing the Writer’s Life

You’ll soon discover that juggling your writing life with the rest of your life can sometimes be challenging and overwhelming. Join me for tips and skills that will help you cope and thrive despite the physical, spiritual, and emotional challenges of the writing journey. We’ll talk about ways to manage your time and become more disciplined, how to deal with rejections and stay motivated, about the rejuvenating power of cupcakes, and a bunch of other stuff.

But Wait . . . That’s Not All!

Do you have an idea for a nonfiction book but you’d like to broaden your audience or develop it into a series of books? Could you use a better title or do you need help in shaping the book? Join me for a fun interactive session where we’ll brainstorm together and kick things up a notch. A brain is required for this workshop. Feel free to borrow one if necessary. That’s what I plan to do. *Warning! Intense creativity will occur at this session.  

The Big Picture 

You can’t wait to share your movie with the world—but are you really ready? Have you identified your audience? Do you know how to reach them? Could you expand your idea into a brand? Join me for “The Big Picture” where we’ll talk about affinity groups, books and products, trademarks and domains, unique ways to promote and market your movie/brand, and other considerations. This session will be part class and part networking/brainstorming, so be sure to bring your brain!

To contact Michelle about speaking at your event, please  copy and paste the list of requested info (below) into the body of an email and send the information to

Please include the following information:

  • Date of your inquiry
  • Date(s) of your event
  • Your name and phone number
  • Name of your church or organization
  • Website
  • Location of your event

Street address



Country (if other than the US)

  • Contact person
  • Contact person’s phone number
  • Contact person’s email
  • Event details (type of event – corporate, retreat, theme of event, etc.)
  • Number and type of speaking sessions you’d like
  • Budgeted honorarium
  • Expected attendance
  • Additional comments



I first heard Michelle Cox teach at the Blue Ridge Christian Writers Conference. From the time she uttered her first words, I knew she was “real.” Her knowledge and experience (which are vast) impressed me. But, what impressed me even more, was her sincere desire to help other writers follow their dreams and desires. Michelle’s workshops are well-organized, practical, and fun. I thank God for Michelle, and I am one of the many people she has blessed and inspired.—Joy Brown Author/Speaker, President of Creation Kidz, Co-founder of Diversified Ministries.

Michelle Cox taught at our ladies conference at church. She spoke on how we only have 18 summers with our children. She used a jar of rocks and had us remove how many summers (with our children) had passed. The visual of how many summers remained was very powerful.—Cindy Ramsey-Dailey

When I arrived at my first Writing for the Soul conference in 2011 and picked up my binder, I felt so overwhelmed, lost, and alone, I decided to stay in my room all weekend and sleep. Instead, I forced myself to find the room where Michelle Cox would be leading the orientation. She quickly put my mind to rest with her understanding, her clear instructions for the conference, and her adorable southern drawl. She helped me see that I was no different than everyone here, and that these folks were on my side.—Terrie Todd

I first heard Michelle speak at a ladies’ prayer breakfast. I almost didn’t attend because I was feeling a little overwhelmed with life. I had so many things to do after working all week. Could I really afford to give up a Saturday morning? Michelle’s message, “There’s Not a Barbie in the Bible” really hit home for me. Her words of wisdom were spoken with such understanding and compassion I felt as though she could see clear into my heart and spoke the words I needed to hear.—Becky Winebarger

Michelle Cox taught a workshop I attended at the Blue Ridge Mountain Christian Writers Conference. Her classes are a great source of information for new writers, as well as published authors. I walked away encouraged to write!—Deb Harvey


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