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 The Screenplay

The Just 18 Summers screenplay was written by Marshal Younger, Michelle Cox, and Torry Martin. The script reached the semi-finals of the $50,000 Kairos Prize competition.

The Story
Parents panic when they realize the 18 summers with their children are zooming by way too fast. But they each handle it differently. One family crams as much fun and imparts as much wisdom as they can into the last summer. Another family plans for the birth of their first child . . . but are they really ready? A brawny construction worker scrambles to connect with his girly-girl daughter after his wife’s death. A businessman and his always-busy wife miss it all. Will these families realize before it’s too late that they can’t go back and rewind yesterday?

Funding the Film
Elevating Entertainment Motion Pictures licensed the story rights to Just 18 Summers and commissioned the development of the current screenplay. The GreenLight Groupe LLC – Series: JES Film Partners has been formed to create, develop, finance, produce, distribute and market the feature-length movie. This genre of film is currently in high demand from studios, broadcasters, major and independent distributors with the recent success of movies such as The Blind Side, Fireproof, October Baby, and others.

Our Momentum
The production company has recently won numerous prestigious festival awards for their work. The novel version of the screenplay has been published by Tyndale House and will release in 2014. The brand has launched a parenting website at

The production company’s latest film Season of Miracles starring John Schneider, Grayson Russell, Andrew Wilson Williams and Nancy Stafford was released in select theaters and at WalMart nationwide on October 1st, 2013.

Investing in the Film

To learn more about how you can partner with us by becoming an investor in Just 18 Summers® – The Movie, contact Dave Moody at 615.379.2121, x101 or email Dave at

Documentary Project

To learn how you can partner with us by becoming an investor in a documentary project about Just 18 Summers®, contact Dave Moody at 615.379.2121, x101 or email Dave at


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