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A Thanksgiving “What If…”

A Thanksgiving “What If…”

What if God limited Himself to pouring out His blessings upon us according to the thankfulness in our hearts and flowing from our lips?

What if the prayers He answered were based on our gratitude from past responses to our requests? Thank you notes seem to have blown away with the winds of the years that fly by. I sometimes fear that to be the case spiritually for me—that I haven’t thanked God often enough for what He’s done for me. Can you relate? 

We get so caught up in the whirlwind of life, even in the midst of a pandemic that has pulled out all the stops in trying to get us to slow the pace. To hunker down. To focus on the things that matter—like family. Like what we have, instead of focusing on what we don’t have.

We’ve probably all heard stories of the good that has emerged from these months of COVID. The surge in the delight of board games and jigsaw puzzles, creativity in blanket fort building, and picnics inside the fort. Both indoors and out, families have been challenged to find ways to break out of the confines and isolation of contagion surrounding us. With bike rides, neighborhood walks, sidewalk chalk art, and bubble blowing in the park. Have we expressed thanks to the Lord for these precious gifts of time—and have our children heard us doing that?

Have we thanked God for the mercies in these days? For those on the frontlines fighting for a cure? For the doctors and nurses risking their own lives to help others heal? What if they weren’t there giving their all for our benefit? Have we thanked Him for the protection that He gives, the healing He provides? Have we taught our children to do that by our daily example? 

Let’s spur the next generation—our children and grandchildren—to develop hearts that have a bent toward thankfulness and challenge them to express it generously. We can begin by thanking the One who deserves our gratitude the most, through teaching them to pray, giving words of thanks to God. 

That’s best done by our example. In our prayer lives first, but also in tangible efforts to those who bless us. We can encourage them to live grateful lives through word and action such as writing a note of thanks. Littles that can’t yet form letters can draw a picture. Even a scribble can speak volumes. Video texts and FaceTimes will thrill the hearts of the receiver. Let’s be intentional in this season of Thanksgiving (and throughout the year) to model and teach the art of appreciation.

Again I ask, what if God only provided what we thanked Him for? Thankfully, because He’s a God of such grace and mercy, that’s something we don’t have to worry about.

By: Kristi Butler is a wife, mom, and grandmommy to six. She loves to teach and write about the goodness of the Lord. Her books for children can be found at

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  1. What a much-needed and welcome reminder of how much we have to be thankful for and for how important it is to have a heart that is gratitude-oriented. I’m definitely going to share a link on my social media tomorrow!

  2. Wow, thank you for this reminder to be thankful for what He has already answered!!!!!

    Oh how I am thankful that He doesn’t answer my prayers based off of what I have shown my thankfulness in the past.


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