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A Strategy—Praying for Our Children

A Strategy—Praying for Our Children

Having two grown daughters and four grandchildren, I want to share some successful prayer strategies for countering the culture to raise children who love and long to serve God with all their hearts, minds, souls, and energies – and to love people as they love themselves. Embracing these inspirations, I unite my heart with yours, providing an “amen” to every holy prayer.

When your children are playing, pray…



Norris (1) 3-6-15May our daughters be outstanding mothers,Norris (2) 3-6-15

holy and wholly devoted to their families

with a sacrificial passion,

nurturing their children to hear

and obediently respond to God’s Voice.


Norris (3) 3-6-15May each be a man after God’s own heart,Norris (4) 3-6-15

providing for his family,

loving his wife as Christ loves the church,

investing time and energies into the spiritual, emotional, and material needs

of his wife and children.


As you teach them from the Bible, remember that if they are unfamiliar with God’s Word, they’ll be vulnerable to false teachings that are leading multitudes astray.

 Father,Norris (5) 3-6-15

please grant them a passion for Your truth.

May they enjoy wisdom, knowledge, and understanding,

able to communicate the truth in love.

Move their hearts to walk in its power

and to become all that You designed and delight for them to be.


As they leave for school, pray…

Father, above all, may these children know You.

Grant them boldness to share their faith with others.

Grant them discernment to recognize

every teaching that would lead them away from You.

May they hear Your Voice above all others.


As they dress each day, pray…

Please encase them in the full armor of God,

day and night, even as they sleep

so that they’re able to stand against every strategy

of the enemy of all souls (Eph. 6).


As they engage in any form of entertainment, pray…

Father, please help us to guard and guide them.

Even at a very young age,

grant them discernment to recognize and resist

every influence that seeks to distract, deceive, or destroy.


When they’re playing or participating in athletic activities, pray…Norris (6) 3-6-15

May they be team players, encouraging others.

Grant them tenacity to run their spiritual race

with excellence and endurance (Heb. 12:1).


Norris (7) 3-6-15As they eat, pray…

Father, may their all-consuming appetite

be to execute Your will (John 4:34).


Father, unite us and move us to pray for one another

dangerous, ceaseless prayers that will shape our children

and change the world.

What are some of your strategies for praying for your children?

By: Connie Norris

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