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A Son’s Sacrificial Love

A Son’s Sacrificial Love

Samuel woke up at 6 am with a pep in his step. He was talking loud and playing music on his flute.  His class was going 2 hours away from their school to a festival.  Samuel said,” Mom will you pray with me before we go on our field trip because I don’t know how the parent driver drives and it’s supposed to rain.”

I told him sure we will pray. I reassured him because I had a sense that he would be safe and the Lord would bring him safely back home. I also prayed that since the Lord controls the winds and the waves, that He would hold off the rain or keep it a minimal so they could enjoy their trip?

I instructed Samuel to spend his money only on himself. My son is a sensitive and giving child. I said, “Samuel look at me.” In a firm but gentle voice I said, “Do not spend your money on mom.” He promised he would spend it on himself.  I was excited for him and couldn’t wait to hear all about his day when he returned from his trip.

My husband was to pick Samuel up from school and they were to run errands together, but immediately after school, Samuel walked through the door. He said, “Dad dropped me off.”

I replied, “Samuel, what are you doing here?”

He said “I told Dad I wanted to come straight home and see you.”

I looked at my son, “What is that you have in your hands?”

He said “I know, Mom, I even told my teacher that I promised I would spend the money on myself, but when I saw the royal blue umbrella decorated with flowers, I just knew you would love it.”

Then I said, “What are those?”

He said “Flowers. I had only $3 dollars left and couldn’t afford anything else, so I prayed. Right after I prayed, a person came by selling flowers for one dollar, so I bought three, just for you.

I was choked up, trying to fight back tears.  “Samuel, Momma’s going to cry.” “

He looked so concerned. His face turned serious with a squinted look and he said, “Why, Mom?”

I reassured him, “Oh no, baby, these are happy tears.”

We hugged. And then I whispered to myself, “Thank You, Lord, for blessing me, because sometimes I wonder if my boys are listening.” But from Samuel’s prayers and with his generous and loving heart, it was so clear that he’d been listening. A Scripture came to my mind, from Proverbs 22:6 “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.”

Do you ever wonder, if your children are listening?  How has the Lord used your children to demonstrate to you that they are paying attention?

By: Evelyn Burns is a wife and is mom to three boys. She enjoys writing, speaking, and teaching Sunday school. Visit her at

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  1. Beautiful story. Reminds me of God’s Love. Just when we think He has no more to give, He gives us those golden nuggets.

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