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A Royal Opportunity for Your Family

A Royal Opportunity for Your Family

Winter sure has settled in, hasn’t it? This week our county had five snow days. Have I mentioned I live in Mississippi? Unusually frigid temperatures and ice and snow have made this January especially difficult. I’m not sure yet how much more time is left in winter, but I am surely over it! How about you?

Dreaming of warmer temps and planning 2018 goals always leads to home projects and this year is no different. The news of the Pantone color of the year has been intriguing as well, and I have to say I personally love the Ultra Violet hue. After a couple years of more neutral colors from Pantone, Ultra Violet shifts the home decorating game into high gear. Not just a regular purple, Ultra Violet is a blue based purple that stands out and makes a high impact statement.

I can’t help but be reminded as a Christian of the significance of the color of purple in the Bible. As a representative color of royalty, the color of purple in our homes can be a wonderful reminder that we are the sons and daughters of the Most High King. What a powerful message to our children as we also remain “trendy” on the home front. What a beautiful thing that is!

Whether that means we have a taste of this color on our walls or in the fabrics we use to decorate, the opportunity to bring a bright pop of color can also have an additional meaning for each of us in our homes. Fresh lamp shades are an easy way to make a quick change as well.

We know that each season doesn’t last forever , although sometimes winter feels as if it will not end. We know the same is true as parents. Some days seem to drag by, but the years fly. Taking advantage of something we enjoy, even home decorating to create a conversation with our children about our faith is an opportunity we shouldn’t let pass us by. Grab some purple and liven up your living spaces this winter not only because it’s trendy but also because of the truth it allows us to share!

By: Victoria Duerstock loves a good story. A happily married mom of three, she is eagerly pursuing a writing career. Being connected with the home furnishing industry in some aspect or another for more than 20 years, Victoria has lots of ideas for what’s trending in the marketplace after tagging along with her husband to see the markets from the inside. You can learn more about her at and if you are a busy author like she is and you are building your platform, she is offering a free course on growing your twitter platform! Sign up today!

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